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Class 5H DT: We are engineers! We are building model cars!

We have begun building our cars!


We sketched our designs. We analysed and predicted the difficulty that may be involved in making the structures. After discussions (weighing up design, difficulty and method), we decided which model we would make. 


Today, we started making the moving parts to our cars - the wheels and axels.


We used wooden dowels, cardboard wheels, paper straws, rulers for making precise measurements, pencils and tape.


It was a bit tricky at first but we worked as teams to problem-solve how to put the parts together, effectively.


We discovered great ways to make sure that the wheels would spin but at the same time, making sure that the wheels would stay attached to the axels.


Next week, we will begin to make the body of our cars! We are looking forward to that!


Here are some photos of us in action! 

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