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Vibrating Sound

In Science, during our investigations into the topic of 'Sound', we wanted to find out how sound is made. We discovered that sound is made from vibrations. We investigated this by using a tuning fork and a ping-pong ball that was attached to a piece of string. We hit the tuning fork on the edge of the table and it vibrated. When we held the string and the ping-pong ball touched the tuning fork, the vibrations pushed the ball away from the tuning fork. 


We used a tuning fork and dish of water for our second investigation. We hit the tuning fork on the edge of the table again and it vibrated. When we put the vibrating tuning fork into the dish of water, some water splashed out of the dish.


For the third investigation, we used a drum, beater and some grains of rice. We put the rice on the top of the drum (onto the skin of the drum). When we used the beater to hit the drum, the skin vibrated and made the rice jump up and down. We also discovered that when we hit the drum harder, the sound was louder and the vibrations were bigger because the rice jumped higher.


In each class, we also made telephones using two plastic cups and string. We made a hole in the bottom of each cup and threaded the string through the hole. We tied a knot in the string so the string wouldn't slip through the hole. We went into the playground with our partners. We stood far apart with the string quite tight (not floppy). One person spoke into the cup whilst the partner held the cup to their ear. Then the second person spoke into the cup for their partner to hear. The vibrations from the speaker's voice passed through the first cup, into the string and then into the second cup and eventually into the listener's ear.


We were excited to discover how sound travels and to have conversations with our partners using these telephones. 





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