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Weekly update for the week beginning 19th November 2018

Hello to all the parents and carers in Year 2!


My apologies for not updating the website in recent weeks. I will try to be more regular from now on. Thank you so much for all of the support you have given the children in creating their wonderful projects for Guy Fawkes! They look absolutely fabulous on display in the Year 2 classrooms. The children are very proud of their work and it has been lovely to see them using their projects to support their classwork too. 



As the weather is getting colder and wetter, please do ensure that your child brings their outdoor coat to school with them every day and that it is labelled with their name and class. 


This Week

This week we have been learning about division on a number line in Maths. Children have been working on dividing by 2, 5 and 10. The Maths homework this week features an example of how we have been teaching division in class. In English, we have been looking at the format of a play script about Guy Fawkes. Friday's lesson will be an introduction to the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. The children have already told us some of their facts about Shakespeare from last week's homework. We will be doing more work on Shakespeare in our topic lessons too. 


Literacy Homework

The main spelling list this week is as follows:

1) able

2) apple

3) ankle

4) bottle

5) castle

6) dazzle

7) middle

8) poodle

9) table

10) wobble


The Literacy homework is about children using and, but and or in sentences. 


SATs Information session

Thank you to all the parents who returned their slips to say they are able to attend the SATs information session. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 4th December!


Many thanks for your support,

Miss Papacosta. 



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