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Start saving...class 1H have been writing to Santa!

On Friday 15 December, Year 1 were busy writing their letters to Santa. They learned how to structure a simple letter, by asking Santa questions as well as revealing their Christmas present wishes.


As always, the focus was on correctly punctuated sentences and using a capital letter for the personal pronoun 'I'.


There was a vast range of presents requested this year, ranging from silver and gold Lamborghini's with glow in the dark rainbow wheels, LOL's, scooters and a whole range of real life pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and kittens!


The children have informed Santa that they have been impeccably behaved! Hmmm?


Here are some examples of what they wrote about their behaviour:


"I always help my dad with the hovering and the sweeping."

"I always tidy by bedroom!"

"I am so good that I help my brothers behave too!"

"I help my mum cook very tasty food."


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