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Sports and exercise day - Wednesday 13 July

We had a day promoting sports and exercise during our last week of Nursery. We found out how important it is to keep our bodies healthy by doing regular exercise. We took part in lots of activities to find out how much fun keeping fit can be. We used different types of equipment to explore different ways of moving and to develop different skills.

The morning children had a lovely sunny session. We were able to do our activities outside. We started by 'warming up'and doing some stretching and moving in different ways to get ready for our sports. We observed how our bodies changed after moving energetically. We got tired and our hearts were beating faster. It was hard work!

There were lots of different activities for the children to explore outside. Climbing and balancing, throwing wellies, basketball hoop, rolling on the mat, crawling through tunnels, carrying balls on spoons, walking on stilts and walking on the balance walkway whilst balancing a beanbag or quoit on our heads.

After we had tried all of the activities, we participated in some team games. We did relay races with a beanbag and also pushing a friend in a trolley. We made lots of noise cheering for the teams!

We then came inside and followed a video to help us 'cool down' our bodies. We tried some yoga movements. They were quite difficult, but it was fun to try them!

It was a bit rainy in the afternoon, so the children participated in the activities inside. Luckily, the rain stopped and we were able to play the team games outside. The afternoon children also had 'warm up' and 'cool down' exercises.

We were really proud of all of the children for trying the different activities and investigating different ways of moving. Everyone was given a 'Games 4 Life' sticker for their enthusiastic participation.

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