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Planting and Growing

Our topic for the weeks beginning 23rd May and 6th June is, 'Planting and Growing'. We will continue to look at books by the author Eric Carle, by reading the story, 'The Tiny Seed'. We will also be reading, 'Titch' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

The children will have the opportunity to participate in planting and growing activities, collaboratively in the Nursery Garden, and individually during indoor activities. We would very much welcome donations of plants or seeds (flowers or vegetables!) to add to those we already have.

We would encourage you to talk about the topic at home over the next few weeks. You may like to visit a park, garden centre, or horticultural society over the half term holiday!

We will be posting pictures of our growing plants throughout the topic and hope you enjoy seeing the garden grow and bloom.

26 May 2016

We have started to prepare the garden ready to plant our seeds. We have been using compost to fill pots and have prepared one of our raised beds.

We enjoyed looking inside some fruit and vegetables to find the seeds. It was very messy! We have saved the seeds and will plant them in some pots. We hope that they will grow.

Chloe brought in some tomato seeds, which she planted today with some help from two other children.

We are all ready to take care of our growing seeds. We know that they will need sunshine and water to help them grow tall and strong. We have also reminded the children that flowers will only grow if they are not damaged or picked. Please help us to care for our garden by reminding children (and their siblings) to kindly not touch the plants as they are growing.

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