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We have now completed our programme of phonics within the Nursery. The children have been introduced to all the Set 1 sounds, with the exception of two ('nk' and 'ng').

This has been a brief introduction to the sounds made by the different letters, and how to represent these sounds in written form. The children will review this programme when they enter Reception, so there is no expectation that the children will remember all of the sounds at this stage.

We have sent home a sound sheet with all the phonic sounds, please use this on an informal basis as well as the information on this page, to consolidate their learning to date.


As it is important for the children to hear the correct 'pure' sound for each letter; please feel free to check or confirm the sounds with a member of the Nursery Team. This will ensure consistency between home and school and will support the children to develop a good understanding of phonics.

For further help with pronounciating the 'pure' sounds please watch this helpful clip:

We are learning Set 1 sounds only.

* Please note that we will be teaching the children to form letters in the lower case, only, as this is most appropriate to Foundation Stage One.


Previously learnt sounds:

'm' Maise, mountain, mountain

'a' Around the apple, and down the leaf

's' Slither down the snake

'd' Around the dinosaur's bottom, up his long nect, and down to his feet

't' Down the Tower, across the Tower 

'i'  Down the insect's body, dot for the head 

'n' Down Nobby, over the net 

'p' Down the plait, up the plait, and over the pirate's face

'g' Round her face, down her hair, give her a curl

'o' All around the orange

'c' Curl around the caterpillar

'k' Down the kangaroo's body, tail and leg

'u' Down and under the umbrella, up to the top and down to the puddle

'b' Down the laces, over the toe and touch the heel

'f' Down the stem, and draw the leaves

'e' Slice into the egg, go over the top, then under the egg

'l' Down the long leg 

'h' Down the horse's head to the hooves and over his back

'r' 'Down the robot's back, then up and curl

'sh' 'Slither down the snake, then down the horse's head to the hooves and over his back'

j' 'Down his body, curl and dot'

'v' 'Down a wing, up a wing'

'y' 'Down a horn, up a horn, and under the yak's head'

'w' 'Down, up, down, up the worm'

'th' Down the tower, across the tower, then down the horse's head to the hooves and over his back

'z' 'zig-zag-zig down the zip'

'ch' 'Curl around the caterpillar, then down the horse's head to the hooves and over his back'

'q' (qu) 'Round the queen's head, up to her crown, down her hair and curl'

'x' 'Cross down the arm and leg, cross the other way'






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