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Chick Blog

On Monday 7th March, we will be having an exciting arrival!

Some chick eggs will be arriving and staying with us for two weeks. There will be an incubator set up in the classroom for children to observe as the eggs begin to hatch. Please follow these 'eggsciting' events from home via our live web feed which can be found on the school website. 

Tuesday 8th March

Yesterday the farmer delivered 10 eggs to the Nursery.

Today we were very excited as one of the eggs began to crack with a small crack appearing on top of the egg. We are hoping the chick will hatch overnight ready for us to see in the morning.

Wednesday 9th March

The first chicked hatched at 5.30pm yesterday evening. Although there was nobody in the Nursery, lots of people watched excitedly on the 'hatch cam' as the chick came out of the egg. The first chick was female (a hen). It has brown feathers.

The Nursery children were surpised to see the chick when they arrived at Nursery for the morning session. 

The second chick hatched at around 9.45. We were able to see it cracking the eggshell and pushing itself out. The second chick was a male (cockerel). It has yellow feathers.

A third chick hatched just as the afternoon children were arriving at Nursery! As the feathers dried, we could see that they were brown, so the third chick is also a hen.

Thursday 10th March

A fourth chick hatched at 7.30pm yesterday evening. It had begun pipping a hole earlier in the afternoon so had worked hard to break through the egg by that evening.

A fifth chick followed quickly after taking everyone watching on ''hatch cam' by suprise!

As staff began arriving in the Nursery in the morning a sixth chick was counted. It's feathers were still a little wet so must have hatched earlier that morning.

We now have three brown chicks (hens) and three yellow chicks (cockerels).

Friday 11th March

We now have seven healthy chicks living happily in our brooder. Yesterday children helped Mrs French to setup the box ready for the chicks to move in.

The chicks will be going home with Miss Vowles for the weekend, on Monday you will be able to see how much they have changed and grown.

Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th March

The seven chicks travelled home with Miss Vowles for the weekend. They enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet away from the hussle and bussle of the Nursery and spent a lot of time napping.

Over the weekend many of the chicks began to sprout feathers on their wing-tips and continue to grow bigger and bigger.

Monday 14th March

Today the children have enjoyed looking at the chicks and how they have changed and grown over the weekend. During our carpet sessions we had the opportunity to look even closer at the chicks. The children sat in a circle and a chick was gently placed in the middle on some newspaper for the children to observe.

The children then had the chance to stroke the chick and comment on how it felt. Many thought the chicks felt very fluffy or soft!

Tuesday 15th March

The chicks have continued to grow and change. Most of them now have some lovely feathers covering their wings. They are getting more and more lively too and are starting to jump around the brooder.

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