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Lilly and Bailey on Shakespeare's World (January 2018)

Lilly and Bailey on Shakespeare's World                                                                     (January 2018)

Lilly (6D) and Bailey (6S) have both studied Macbeth in their Year 6 Literacy lessons.


They were both interested in doing some extra work on Shakespeare and his world at the time he was writing.


Click on the attachments to see their work and click on the photos to enlarge them.


He wrote his plays when the reigning monarchs (Queen and King) were Elizabeth I, and after her, James I of England (who was also James V of Scotland).


Bailey has explained when and where the Globe theatre was built (the theatre where Shakespeare performed his plays) and how it caught fire and burnt down.


Has anyone visited the modern Globe theatre in London?


Lilly has done some research on the ‘Great Chain of Being’. This was a belief that everything and everyone had a level of importance. The most important human was believed to be the King or Queen, who were meant to be chosen by God to reign over their people. So, murdering the King would be like murdering someone holy and divine!


This is why, in Macbeth, everything goes wrong when Macbeth murders the King: an owl kills a mighty falcon, the weather turns very violent and stormy, darkness reigns over light and the King’s horses eat each other after turning wild!


That is spooky!


Well done to Lilly and Bailey on your research about Shakespeare's world.


Mrs. Collins


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