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Year 5 can analyse poetry! December 2017

Year 5 can analyse poetry!  December 2017



Year 5 recently studied the poem ‘The Highwayman’, published in 1906, and written by Alfred Noyes.


A highwayman was a robber, who would hold up travellers at gunpoint, steal their valuables, and then escape on horseback.

The poem is what is known as a narrative or a ballad poem, which means that it tells a story.


Well done to Kyreece, Mohamed, Dana and Angelo in 5S

Rakeen and Ridwaan in 5D

Shania 5H and Charley 5N

for being so clever in Writing class, enjoying the poem and also for creating a great display in the upstairs shared area outside the tutors' classroom (photo in the attachment).



Click on the attachments below to see an extract from the poem with some questions for years 3,4,5 and 6. 


There are also photos of the children in year 5 and you will see how they've identified metaphors, alliteration, repeating words (repetition), personification and onomatopoeia in the stanzas.


Next time you read or study some poetry, think about what the poet might want the reader to feel and how the poet creates that feeling.



Keep Reading and Writing!




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