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Not Good Enough! July 2017

I always tell the children I teach that they will always be good enough if they give their best effort to everything they do.


However, I don't think they really believe me when I'm teaching descriptive writing!


I am always challenging them to think of better words and phrases, and so I often don't accept the first word that comes into their heads. I shake my head and say, 'Not good enough!' or 'Keep going!'

Well, Nevaeh, Omid, Ridwaan, Anojan and Abdullahi from Year 4 have been great about thinking of better vocabulary.  


They started with simple words/ideas, but they kept thinking  about what would sound better - by stretching their imaginations, closing their eyes, acting and using a thesaurus!


Read their description of the spooky beach in the attachment 'We Made It Good Enough' and see what you think...


Next time you do a piece of writing, ask yourself, 'Is it good enough?'

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