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Hook Me In Challenge Winners December 2016

Well done to everyone who entered the Hook Me In challenge in Key Stage 2. There were so many entries, which made it very difficult to choose just one winner in each year group. However, the winners were announced in Assembly on Friday, the 16th December.

Each of the winners were presented with a Blog award and a big bar of chocolate!

The lucky winners are:


Zayaan 3N,   Anojan 4H,   Maahi 5D,   Tomasz 6D


Read the winning story openers below and scroll down to the gallery to see their wonderful photos, expertly taken by Mr. Amos.


Zayaan 3N: 'When the light turns on, on a Monday morning, it's the worst thing that can happen on a school day...'



Anojan 4H: 'As I was walking down to the orchard garden, the trees looked swarthy... like a black, grizzly bear's fur.'



Maahi 5D: 'Something was wrong. After mum came back from Helen's house, she looked pale. She pushed me away as I tried to follow her. She glared at me in the living room. What was she hiding?'



Tomasz 6D: 'It was pitch-black around him whilst he lay in his bashed, old rocket, unconscious. There was nothing to be heard and nothing to be seen, but something was lurking in the shadows of the dark planet, waiting...'



Remember to keep reading and bring or send in any pieces of writing that you would like to share on the Blog. E-mail to


Keep watching the blog to read some uploads coming soon. There will be some super haiku poetry written by Year 3 to mark national Storytelling Week in February.


Keep Writing!

          Mrs. Collins.



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