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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 26 March 2018

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 26 March 2018



Monday 26 March 2018


Dear Parents and Carers


Last week, two judges from ANZUK (a supply agency) came in and judged the decorated egg competition. They were very impressed by the high standard of entries and the winners will be announced in the assembly, this morning.


Year One put on an amazing show to parents and carers on Thursday afternoon and all looked fantastic in their costumes. Children had lots of words to learn and delivered their lines clearly and loudly, telling us about the importance of bees. The singing and dancing was also tremendous! Well done, Year One for a fantastic show!


The children in the choir represented the school at Ravenor Primary School. The children only had a limited amount of time to rehearse and coped well when they discovered that they had to learn a new song, only two days before going! Mrs Bennett reports that they sung like professionals and were exceptionally well behaved! Well done to all!


In Nursery last week, children concluded their topic on 'planting and growing' and checked every day to see if their seeds had grown. Some of the seeds had started to shoot. Children know that it will take about eighteen days until they start to produce leaves.  The children had lots of fun reading and then acting out the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'. This is the story of a tiny seed which grew and grew and grew. It finally grew into a turnip which was so big, the farmer had to ask for lots of help to pull it out. On Friday, all the children in Nursery enjoyed participating in 'Sport Relief'. All of the children walked, skipped, ran and danced over a distance of one mile. After that, they all relaxed with their usual Friday yoga session!


Reception pupils enjoyed reading and acting out the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar' last week. They were busy thinking about Spring. Following on from thinking about Chicks, children created and wrote about other aspects of the season including growing, the change in weather and the life cycle of a caterpillar. On Friday, children enjoyed dressing up in sports clothing and completed an obstacle course on the playground.


Year One pupils have been working really hard on their phonics this week and have been assessed on where they are up to. All pupils in Year One will undertake their 'Phonics check' assessment in June. Children have had a focus week on the vowel split digraphs as well as working hard in Maths, on capacity. As already mentioned, children performed a fantastic 'Spring Show' to parents and carers. Finally, on Friday, children enjoyed running around the playground, participating in Sport Relief.


Year Two pupils enjoyed watching the Year One show. They also also finished off the unit of work for the book Funnybones and started revision on reading comprehensions. In Maths, the children worked out fractions of shapes and fractions of a set of objects. Many children across the year group managed to work out remainders too.  In  Science, children were observing plant growth and drawing the life cycle of a sunflower seed. In PSHE, the children talked about gender stereotyping within the context of different jobs people do. Finally, children took two digital photographs and then reviewed them on the camera and choose the one they preferred by deleting the other one as part of their computing work.


Year Three  have have been writing autobiographies. Children have been using all of the skills they have learnt in the last couple of weeks to improve their writing. They have used amazing paragraphs, appropriate different tenses such as past, present, future and present perfect tense as well as possessive apostrophes. In Maths, children have been adding and subtracting fractions. Year Three staff report that children are becoming fraction experts and finding them very easy now. Children have been researching volcanoes and researching why people still live near them. Classes are now starting to look at earthquakes and what causes them. The children seem to love this topic. In RE, children are learning about rites of passage and, last week, concentrated on weddings especially focusing on Hindu wedding rituals and rites. In Art, children have been working on colour, pattern and texture and have designed and created some beautiful amazing flower designs. Some of them are so good, they could be professional designs.


Year Four made a delicious fruit crumble last week as well as visiting 'The Look Out Discovery Centre' in Bracknell. The children had immense fun exploring the hands-on Science exhibits and each class also enjoyed a forces workshop at the centre. In Literacy, children continued to look at poems by Joseph Coelho and also write their own school themed poems. In Geography, children were learning about the human geography of Spain and in History, children were thinking about what life was like for poor people during the Tudor time. Children learnt the note, 'E' and started to learn a new tune, 'Indian Warrior'. Children also learnt about the Easter story which is a Christian festival remembered this week. In PSHE, children were thinking about online safety. 


Year Five children enjoyed the walking/running activity in the KS2 playground for Sport Relief. One child even tried to do keepie-uppies around the track (Hussain, 5H) in honour of the footballer who did keepie-uppies up Mt Everest! Children have also been working hard on their 'Recycled Monsters'. These are turning out wonderfully! Fatima (5N), Hubert and Hussain’s (5H) monsters have come to life and have been getting up to mischief around Year Five! Check out the Y5 section of the website to see these!


Year Six are at the stage of proof reading, editing and assessing their own balanced argument. They have been looking at series and parallel circuits in Science and in PSHE, children are thinking and learning about all the steps that they would need to take to get their dream job! With only 24 teaching days left until SATs tests start, the Year Six pupils are all working incredibly hard to ensure their knowledge is exceptional in SPAG, Maths, Reading and Writing.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable week. Don't forget that we finish on Thursday, at the normal time, for the holidays!


Miss Harrison


21 March 2018


Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for all your kind words and support during this very difficult time. Mrs Walton has contacted me and requested that I upload the following statement to the school website, today, for parents and carers to read.

Miss Harrison



 A statement from Mrs Walton and the family:


“James was working in Spain as part of his university studies where he was exploring his love of different cultures and his passion for languages. He seized the opportunity to perfect his Spanish while working towards his ambition of a career in international business.


He lived life to the full and was full of joy, despite losing his father to cancer, when he was aged seven. He was a loving brother, uncle, cherished son and nephew.


James was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to know him and, as one friend said, he would walk in to a room of strangers and leave, having made life-long friends.  He will stay on in our memories and, when the sadness passes, we will feel fortunate for the time which we had with him.”







Dear Parents/Carers


Friday 16 March


It has been an enjoyable week and everyone has appreciated the beautiful eggs which have been brought in and which are being judged on Monday 19 March.  As you know, Miss Holden (one of the Deputy Headteachers) usually organises and promotes this competition but, this year, it was promoted, in school,  by Mr Gami, the Key Stage 2 Manager, and Miss Borsig, the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Manager.  We think, at this stage, that Miss Holden will be back in school to be able to award the prizes during the final spring term assembly.  Thanks to everyone who entered and Mr Amos took photos of the entries which will be posted up on the website before the end of term.  


You will be receiving the February/March Newsletter during the week beginning 19 March and, although the term and holiday dates for 2018/19 are being sent with the Newsletter, the dates have been on the website for a while and you can always come in to the school office and get a paper copy, should you wish.


The stage, in the main hall, has been up for a couple of weeks as Year 1 are preparing for their show which will be taking place on Thursday 22 March with a start time of 2.00 pm.  Some of you may remember when we tried to have the audience for Key Stage 1 shows in the Key Stage 1 hall but this was far too small to house the audience and not only did members of the school staff realise this but we also heard what the parents/caeres were saying about being squashed and not being able to see the children (as it was so crowded).  We hope Year 1 enjoy the event as the children are so looking forward to the audience of family and friends who will be turning up.  At the same time as the year 1 show, members of the choir will be attending an event at Ravenor Primary School and some parents/carers will be attending that event.  The stage is also up for the last day of term event, 'Horsenden's Got Talent'.  Nearly all the children in the school get to see the acts, either at the competition time or at the dress rehearsal before competition afternoon. It is always well received by the children and, later in the year, there is an opportunity for the winners to perform again and this is when parents and carers can come and watch them; this is at the Community Concert time when members of the local community come and watch a variety of acts and enjoy the refreshments provided.


You might have noticed that the paper recycling was full and that paper seemed to be everywhere.  Mrs O'Connor had tried, well before the snow, to get the paper collected and, of course, there was more and more paper building up in classrooms and elsewhere.  Just as we had thought of a plan to manage what was turning into a 'crisis', albeit a minor one, the vans turned up and emptied the bins.  We were all very relieved!   You might also have noticed that the signs at the main entrance to the school are looking a little 'tatty' so we are going to look at all the signage around the outside of the school.  I know that parents speak to me all the time about a variety of different subject but recently a couple of parents have spoken to me about having the hello/greeting sign also showing Tamil and about addressing issues of racism; although I have started to look for any of the companies that have signs in more than the languages we have at present (and hopefully I will find a company that may include Tamil) if anyone knows any companies that do have greeting signs in more than the languages we have, at present, please let me know.  I have found some playground signs that 'fit in' with the positive ethos of the school and which show clip art type pictures of a pupils of different ethnicities as well as those with and without disabilities.  The good thing about the company which provides them is that you can tailor them to your school colours and personalise them  I will order these as soon as Mrs Pearson, our School Business Manager, is back in school. 


The discos, on Wednesday 12 March were well attended!  As the members of staff pointed out...I have only one more disco to enjoy before I retire.  It is amazing to think how many of those discos I have attended over the years...and how many different dancing trends I have observed.


The lunchtime awards have been completed and (hopefully) your child will be receiving one and bringing it home for you to be able to congratulate them on their behaviour during lunchtimes.  The 100% attendance awards are in the process of being written and, this year, we are going back to the traditional certificates for the younger pupils. Pupils who receive these are very proud to be able to stand up, in the final assemblies of each term, for all to see who they are. Many children try really hard to get the Super Gold Award at the end of the year. Perhaps your child is on track to get one...or your children, if you have more than one child!


What have your children been up to during this week? I asked if the year leaders could e-mail some highlights as I was writing this at home.  I know that everyone in Years 1-6 will have enjoyed the launch of the Sport Relief assemblies, hosted by Miss Harrison, on Friday 16 March.  She will add something about them, under the heading 'Sport Relief Assemblies', at a later date.


The Nursery pupils were learning about planting and growing and they read 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle. They also read 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Titch' by Pat Hutchins; these stories were in addition to a number of non fiction books on the same topic. The children discussed what conditions were needed for seeds to grow and the children will be looking after their own seeds, the ones they planted themselves.  Each child could choose whether they wanted to plant a bean seed or a sunflower seed. The children were able to investigate what soil felt like and what clay felt like and they also explored a range of seeds and bulbs. The planing and growing theme will continue, next week. Each day, as the children arrive at the Nursery, they write their own name on their own whiteboard. The adults in the Nursery hope the parents/carers enjoy seeing the writing samples, each Friday.


In Reception, the children have been continuing learning different phonic sounds and, this week, the phonics have been l. sh, h, o, g and various diagraphs; a diagraph is a combination of two consonants eg st, sh, ch, th, wh. Their book focus was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. The focus when reading the book has been on ordering numbers, naming the days of the week and sequencing the story as well as writing lists of what the hungry caterpillar ate. The Reception children have been preparing a spring display and looking at the life cycle of the caterpillar. They have also been making well as making caterpillars! St Patrick's Day is soon (17 March) and the children have been learning about this festival.


With the forthcoming show being all about bees, it is hardly surprising that, in literacy/English lessons, the Year 1 children have been learning all about bees. It was reported that the children have really loved learning about how important bees are and they have written what they know about honeybees. In numeracy/maths more time has been spent on looking a weight and capacity and the children have completed practical investigations. In their science lessons, snake fact files have been made and the children have been learning as many facts as they can about snakes. In history they have continues to learn about the Wright brothers and Sikhism has been introduced, in religious education. The show is almost ready to perform to the adoring (hopefully) audience!


Year 2 have been reading (and thoroughly enjoying) the story of 'Funnybones' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The children have written diary entries as though they were the small skeleton. The teachers have been really proud of what has been produced during the maths lessons as it was noticed, by them, just how much effort they were putting into multiplying and dividing on a number line. Predictions were made, in science. What happens to plants that grow under different conditions eg some without water or some without sunlight. Children worked, in teams, during their geography lessons, in order to produce treasure maps.  In religious education the year 2 children have been looking at why water is important to everyone on earth and the ways in which water can be saved. This will lead on to looking at the significance of water as part of religious rituals, next week.


Year 3 have been learning to write perfect paragraphs, in English. They have examined how writing can be structures and they were lucky enough to take part in an author's workshop...that of A F Harrold. He came for a visit and told the children how he created his characters and how he set about writing his stories. The Year 3 children designed and created their own super heroes and came up with their very own stories. They had a wonderful time making up their own super hero stories. In maths, the children were finishing their work on fractions and moving on to decimals. They were investigating equivalent fractions and learning how to add equivalent fractions together. In religious education the subject matter was looking at the different rites of passage (to becoming an adult) in different religions. This included looking at the bar mitzvah, in Judaism. The children found this and the subject being studies in their topic lessons, volcanoes, fascinating! During their personal, social, health and emotional sessions (PSHE) sessions the focus has been on fixed and growth mindsets as well as how one can be a positive and good learner. French focused on recapping the French words for colours.


Year 4 made 'M & M' cookies, concentrated on decimals to one and two places, enjoyed the visit by A H Harrold and had the one hour workshops with him, looked at poetry including those by Joseph Coelho from 'Werewolf Club Rules' and performance poems such as 'Little Bit of Food' (by the same poet). The 'Horsenden's Got Talent' auditions generate a great deal of excitement. Internet safety was the PSHE focus and the focus in history was writing an inventory of what would be in a Tudor house. In geography the physical features of Catalonia was the subject area, while in are, weaving lessons continued. The children used the apparatus, in physical eduation.


As part of their geography focus of sustainability, in design technology, the Year 5 children collected their old clothes and they began to recycle the fabric by turning the garments into 3D fabric Dojo monsters! They designed them, last week, analysed their designs and have started to make their creations! They have (so far) cut out their monsters, from the old clothes and have cut out the facial features, from felt. They are looking forward to the sewing part, which starts, next week. As with all the year groups, the children enjoyed the egg competition and looking at all the year 5 entries, in the year 5 shared area. The talent in Year 5 has certainly impressed the adults working in that year group. The Year 5 teachers, Mrs Patel and Mr Amos judges the finalists from the Year 5 children. The children performed their rehearsed pieces which ranged from magic or comedy acts, to classical Indian dancing acts and instrumental ensembles performances! The finalists and runners up have now been chosen! Year 5 went over to the Key Stage 1 building to conduct their science experiments. Year 5 are studying forces of gravity and the opposing force of air resistance and they made and tested parachutes. They investigated whether the surface area of a parachute's canopy affected the time it took for the parachute to land. The launched their parachutes from the mezzanine walkway to the library, below, and recorded the results. Next week, year 5 will be writing up and analysing their results.


Year 6 continued their hard work relating to their upcoming SATs, which will be happening in (according to Mr Bull but I haven't counted the days, myself) 29 school days. They were working on producing balanced arguments (debates) and researching evidence for debates. The children learnt the name of their end of year production and started looking at one of the songs. It isn't to be revealed to you yet but it is said to be very exciting!!! The children have been focusing on perspective, in the art and style of Sir Anthony Mark David Gormley, OBE. He is a British sculptor and his one of his most famous sculptures is the 'Angel of the North' which is in Gateshead, in the North of England, and it was commissioned in 1994. Mr Bull wanted me to say to you to continue to encourage the Year 6 children to use their USOs, to do their 'Mathletics' and to read lots...but also to rest and enjoy family time...and to eat and sleep well too!


Everyone could still go to the World Book Day web site at

 as Miss Hannah recommends the clips on there, as she has done to the children! She says they are 'brilliant'. Each one is 32 minutes long.


I am sure that many of you are accessing the website, regularly, now. More areas are being uploaded and some are really interesting and useful. Don't forget to look at the Key Dates for your Diary document that has been on the website since the start of this academic year, in September. This document gives you advanced notice about all the wonderful events and activities that occur, in school, across the year. A number of items continue to be uploaded to the website. Please feel free to browse the areas you are interested in. 


Enjoy the forthcoming weekend!


Mrs Walton


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