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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents/Carers


The 'Hatchcam' experience is over for another year and the chicks, collected by the farmer, have happy homes up in Northamptonshire or, locally, at Horsenden Farm. These chicks are not the ones who get eaten when they grow up to be chickens.  You will see a lovely photo of the chicks, as teenagers, in the forthcoming March Newsletter, which should be with you early next week.


PS: While we are mentioning eggs... the competition winners are being announced in the Red Nose Assemblies on Friday 24 March so there will be some excited children in those assemblies, both at the start when the competition winners know who they are and as the assemblies continue, when the joke telling and silliness occurs! The adult winners have been invited in for the first part of the assemblies, to receive their prizes, but will leave before the start of the silliness!! Remember, if you are reading this on Thursday evening, March 23, (when I am writing it) to wear something red or something connected to Red Nose Day eg a T-shirt!  It was marvellous to see all the decorated eggs for the Decorated Egg competition. Click on the hyperlink, below, to view photographs of the entries from last year's competition:


Soon you will be able to see photos of this year's competition!


Year 1 parents and carers enjoyed a wonderful production on Thursday 23 March.  Wow! What a show!  Year 1 performed 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and the children, clearly, enjoyed performing. As you know, previously, the Year 2 parents and carers enjoyed 'The Billy Goats Gruff'. Thanks to the audiences for being such great audiences AND thanks for helping your children with whatever you helped your children to do eg by practising learning lines with them, by letting them sing or act to you, by helping with the costumes. As we know...'Every Little Helps!!'  I begged the audience to be on time AND, except for a very few, nearly everyone was! Thanks!  It makes such a difference to the children, not being interrupted by latecomers.


I didn't mention the discos when I updated the website, last week, but those end of term discos were so enjoyable and I must congratulate the children on their disco behaviour...which is exemplary. Well done to those lovely children of yours!


Since updating this page we have had a series of meetings taking place to try and prepare children for the Year 2 or Year 6 SATs.  Apart from having a Year 6 meeting, recently, we also organised a Year 5 'Getting ready for Year 6' meeting, as we know how tough the new testing regime is and we all need to be prepared. Thanks to all of you who turned up and the information is either on the web site already or in a paper version. Paper versions are also available by asking at the office.  I believe this is the case for each of these year group meetings!



We continue to have concerns about the traffic in and around the school, this is especially the case with the Elton Avenue gate traffic and we have highlighted this as a major issue, to the Horsenden governors. (This is one of the reasons members of staff, at school, are trying to promote safe habits in and around the roads with the children.) Please be aware that we really are trying to do our best but, YOU can help!  For example, if you see any bad examples from drivers, perhaps you could register your concerns at the following address: ; the name of the Complaint Officer is B Rutherford ( and the telephone number is 02088256677, if your prefer to telephone). We are trying to do more to change the bad habits of drivers as we have noticed just how dangerous it is around that area.  One of the deputy heads actually saw a child getting into a moving car which had been parked on double yellow lines.  Photographs of poor drivers' behaviour have been sent to the traffic re-enforcing people. The situation is fairly bad at the Horsenden Lane North entrance although, when the electricity network upgrades are completed at least things should improve there.  The works are due to carry on until 5 May, though, so the problems that you are experiencing will not be going away any time soon. During the week beginning 20 March 2017, a traffic patrol man was outside the school at the Horsenden Lane North entrance and many cars were moved on for parking on corners.  I also noticed that he was taking down the number plates of cars and other vehicles eg the taxis which tend to wait for the gates to open at just before 3.30 pm.   


Miss Harrison has created a really helpful area, on the website, for parents/carers. To get to the area click into 'School Info' and then scroll down to 'Family Partnerships'.  (I have seen it and think you will really like it...and find it useful.)  It is constantly being updated with links that parents/carers may find useful. Make sure you check back to this section of the website regularly. She has almost completed a Family Partnership Action Plan and has met one of the governors to talk it over with him as well as present it to the Middle Managers. It was very well received and, as you know, it is an area we are really giving a big focus.  


If your child is in Years 3 to 6 and cannot yet access the Reading Cloud,  pop in to school and someone will tell you how to help them to do so.  The Reading Cloud can be accessed on the right hand side of our web page. You will have received a letter about it so should know as much as the children do!  Mrs Miller (our librarian) and Miss Hannah, one of our year 4 teachers and our literacy champion, has set it up. 


In the forthcoming March Newsletter, there is information about getting out and about over the holiday so, if you want to look at what activities are available, it suggests that you  pop in to the school office to get a copy of 'Let's Get Out & About'.


Mrs Walton :)






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