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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School week ending 19 May 2017

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School week ending 19 May 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Friday morning (19 May) began with the two assemblies...first the Key Stage 2 one and they the Key Stage 1 one.  The first assembly was about saying sorry and also about the R of our HORSE Code - which stands for Respect.  The children gave some examples of what kinds of things might happen to them which would not be pleasant or make them feel nice eg being bullied, others mocking or taunting them, people laughing if they made a mistake and there was some talk around the subject of respect.  The Key Stage 1 Assembly was about helping others and how, if children were going to be helping others in the community, eg the elderly, they had to have everything properly organised first, so that they wold be safe and everyone would know what was happening.  The story was about an old man who found it difficult to get up from his chair and three little girls who wanted to help him by getting shopping for him.  


As you know, it is the testing and assessment season and the tests and assessments are nearly over.  Year 6 completed their SATs and we know they all gave of their best and we are so proud of them.  Whatever their results, no-one could have worked any harder...pupils or members of staff in that year group. Many of them are looking forward to their residential school journey, following the half term.  Those not going should also be having an enjoyable time.  Back to testing!  Apart from the phonics test, for Year 1, and the writing moderations, all assessments are completed.  An external moderator was in to moderate the results of the Reception children, the Year 2 SATs are completed and a moderator will be in sometime in June to look at the teacher judgements and all the non-statutory assessments have been completed throughout Key Stage 2.  Everyone has worked hard and deserves to do well!  A select committee is presently working on the future of testing and assessments and Miss Harrison and I are due to go and find out all about the recommendations, sometime in December.


Lucky Year 5 are having a Science Dome during the week beginning 22 May so that should be a really exciting and enjoyable day for them.


Mrs Wright represented me at the William Perkin Founder's Day Celebrations held last Friday, 12 May, as I was at a funeral. She said it was a lovely event and it was wonderful to see so many ex-Horsenden students.  It was a science day and Mrs Wright was lucky enough to be able to attend some of the workshops held by some of the outside experts.  All the visitors (as well as the pupils in Years 9 and 10) attended a keynote speech given by Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell; she talked about how, as a post graduate student at Cambridge University, she had discovered the first radio pulsars.  For those of you who might not know...a radio pulsar is a highly magnitized, rotating neutron star, or white dwarf, that emits a beam of electro-magnetic radiation.  This is not a subject taught in the Foundatoin, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 curriculum so, if interested, you will have to research the subject yourselves!  You may like to look at the William Perkin C of E High School web site as, last time I looked they had posted some photographs of the event.


The 'Cake Bake Sale' which took place on Friday 28 May raised OVER £500!  Now, we know that is not always going to be the case, but I spoke with the Year 3 leader, Miss Reeves about the possibility of holding a Year 3 one before the end of the summer term this space as there may be a second 'Cake Bake Sale' coming soon!


The Reception children went to Odds Farm during the week beginning 15 May and according to Miss Hill and Mrs O'Connor who I asked when I phone one and saw the other in the office area, the trips were a great success.  One went with two of the classes on the first trip, which was on Tuesday 16 and another on the Thursday 18.  Luckily, neither visit was on the very wet Wednesday, 17 May! The children saw a variety of animals including sheep, goats, cows, chickens and turkeys.  They had a talk about how to feed goats and then they fed them and, according to Miss Hill, the new wooden fort, which the children could play on just before leaving to return to school, was a real treat for the children - who all loved it.


We will all be enjoying learning all about giraffes on World Giraffe Day on the longest day of the year - June 21.  It is the fourth World Giraffe Day; the numbers of giraffes are diminishing year on year.  All the activities whether maths related, story related, fact related, art related etc...will be connected to giraffes.  At this time, we are NOT anticipating that we are raising money for the plight of giraffes, just awareness raising.  I am sure your children will all enjoy the day and I am sure that you will find out a number of interesting facts about giraffes that you did not know before we decided to have the day...which was the brain child of a teaching assistant in the school!


We continue to have concerns about the traffic in and around the school, this continues to be the case with the Elton Avenue gate traffic and we have highlighted this as a major issue, to the Horsenden governors. (This is one of the reasons members of staff, at school, are trying to promote safe habits in and around the roads with the children.) Please be aware that we really are trying to do our best but, YOU can help!  For example, if you see any bad examples from drivers, perhaps you could register your concerns at the following address: ; the name of the Complaint Officer is B Rutherford ( and the telephone number is 02088256677, if your prefer to telephone). We are trying to do more to change the bad habits of drivers as we have noticed just how dangerous it is around that area.  The works at the Horsenden Lane North Entrance were due to finish early in May, so it was expected that the problems that you were experiencing would be going away...but I Cannot see that they will be finished in the near future!


Something that will be finished, in the near future, is out new Computing Suite which the School Business Manager, Mrs Pearson, hopes will be ready after the half term break. Key Stage 1 children have their own laptops to use over in their own building but we have been thinking for a while about moving the Computer Suite from where it is next to the library, in the main school building, to a classroom nearly opposite the entrance to the Library.  When this new room has been set up we will set about making a study area near the library.  The computers we had needed replacing and the holiday seemed the perfect time to have them replaced.  The main reason for moving the computers was the cost of providing something to cool the area where the present computers are housed.  There will be no need for the cooling in the new area and with the laptop computers.  While I am talking about technology, new 'CleverTouch'  boards are being installed in the Nursery, Year 4 and Year 5 (as well as one in the new Computing Suite) during the forthcoming holiday.  Year 6 will  have to wait for the next budget and they will be having their new ones in the summer of 2018.  We tend to replace boards on a rolling programme.  


Miss Harrison has created a really helpful area, on the website, for parents/carers. To get to the area click into 'School Info' and then scroll down to 'Family Partnerships'. (I have seen it and think you will really like it...and find it useful.) It is constantly being updated with links that parents/carers may find useful. Make sure you check back to this section of the website regularly. She has completed a Family Partnership Action Plan and has met one of the governors to talk it over with him as well as present it to the Middle Managers. It was very well received and, as you know, it is an area we are really giving a big focus.  


As parents/carers, I am sure you are aware that we update our policies regularly.  We have a grid which schedules in which policies are up for review across the year.  You can find many of our policies on our website. If there is ever a policy or a set of procedures that you really want to see and it isn't there, why not ask Mrs O'Connor, in the central desk, and she will will be able to help you. Although we were due to update our Accessibility Policy and  Child Protection Policy, early in May, we only managed to update the Child Protection one, which went into the Governing Board meeting on Monday 15 May. A new meeting has been convened to look at the Accessibility Policy.  We are working on updating out Curriculum Policy next.


If your child is in Years 3 to 6 and cannot yet access the Reading Cloud,  pop in to school and someone will tell you how to help them to do so.  The Reading Cloud can be accessed on the right hand side of our web page. You will have received a letter about it so should know as much as the children do!  Mrs Miller (our librarian) and Miss Hannah, one of our Year 4 teachers and our literacy champion, has set it up. 


One of our volunteers who mostly worked in Year 2, Yvonne Williams, died, recently and her funeral is on Monday 22 May. She had motor neuron disease.  If anyone wants to know about the funeral arrangements, please ring the school on 02084225985 and ask Mrs O'Connor, who is one of the administrators...the one who (usually) sits in the round desk.


Just in this week is information about a 'Bikeability' course which is beginning, for Year 6 pupils in mid-June.  Keep your eyes open for this information, which is being set out soon.



Mrs Walton :)






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