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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 10 July 2018

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 10 July 2018


Thursday 19 July

The page was last updated on Tuesday 10 July and this is the first opportunity I have had to wish everyone a wonderful holiday as the end of term was so very busy; there was just time to write the final newsletter of the school year and thanks to Alex Haddon for turning it around so quickly. She receives the newsletter information sheets and perfects the product, making sure you get the polished, attractive copy. 


There were so many happy events at the end of this summer term and the year leaders either have or will be telling you all about them.  I will just highlight a few!


I attended the Year 6 show, 'What a Knight', on Tuesday 10 July, and the Year 6 children were so lucky that, on that particular day, the temperature dropped slightly so it was a good evening to perform. All those present (and the main school hall was packed) enjoyed a wonderful performance. During the rest of that week, the Year 6 pupils were collecting autographs for their Yearbook and reflecting on their years of happiness while being here. It is always a poignant time for them as they are ready to move on but sad to leave the place where they feel so comfortable and where they have a collection of such happy memories. They didn't start collecting the autographs until after they had enjoyed the Zorbing, which had been arranged for them by the Year 6 members of staff. So many children were back to enjoy the two discos, which were on Wednesday 11 July. As the World Cup match was also on that evening, the discos both started slightly earlier than that as many people as possible would be able to get home to enjoy the match! Perhaps you were one of them? We all know the result and, for those supporting England, we will have to wait another four years. However, those supporting Croatia must have been ecstatic...until the final, when the French won. Congratulations to them and to those in the school who we know were supporting them!


Mr Gami hosted the Key Stage 1 Cinema Experience for 2H (Miss Ellis's class) as Miss Holden (the 'usual' host) was out of school on the day of the movie; she hosted the Key Stage 2 Cinema Experience, for 6S (Mr Bull's class),  on Monday 16 July.


The final assemblies were on Friday 13 July and that was the day when all the children, including the pupils in the morning nursery classes, sang songs and wished me a happy retirement. Both assemblies were very uplifting and enjoyable...and all I had to do was sit and enjoy them! Pupils received their 100% attendance awards, both for the term and for the whole year as a number of pupils manage to be in school for the whole year and they are presented with the 'Super Gold Award'. Well done to anyone who receives one of those! Unusually, both assemblies were in the main school hall to accommodate the numbers attending and the hall was already partially decorated for my retirement party, which was due to happen that evening, Friday 13 July. It was a wonderful even and so very well attended. Thanks you to anyone who made a contribution to the 'Magic Carpet' I bought as a leaving gift and I will be writing thank you due course! (I already have written some for the numerous gift I received and will continue to do so as I received many of them on the last day and there was no chance to give a written 'thank you'. Your thoughts articulated in the numerous cards and letters I received were much appreciated. You will have seen the beautiful cake made by the ex-cook, Mick Cooper, and her daughter, Marion, as it was in the recent newsletter. The school band played, there were some short speeches made, the food was enjoyed (thanks to Carla, the present cook and her team...and Harrison Catering) and then there was a disco, provided by Charlie Laing. All in all...a wonderful evening and a great ending to my 25 years' service, as a headteacher, at Horsenden! Many of you asked me what I was going to do with my silver jacket and, for those of you who missed the breaking news, Mr Gami has it now! He will be one of the Acting Deputies and, hopefully, he will wear it at key events.


Many members of staff were moving on at the end of this year and you have had all that information and had the chance to say your 'goodbyes'. We had a farewell lunch on Wednesday 18 July for everyone except Ms Hill (who was retiring), Miss Harrison (who is taking up a headship, in Cumbria) and Miss Holden, who is relocating, with her family, to Cumbria; their party and farewell 'do' was held at The Black Horse on Thursday 19 July. Our own team of caterers, Mrs Hiscox and Mrs Stonehouse, provided the food for Wednesday's lunch and we ate the cake Mick Cooper and her daughter had so lovingly prepared. The Thursday event was excellent and a really good send off for three such great members of staff. Each one knows just how much they were (and are) appreciated! 


You will know about the Summer Reading Challenge; just go into your nearest library and sign up for it! Miss Hannah is looking forward to receiving the golden raffle tickets the children will be handing to her and, as she said in the nesletter this will mean that they are in with a chance of 'winning the Horsenden Reading Prize'.


Those parents who received their ESOL certificates, recently, will receive the coloured (and laminated) copy of the photograph taken, at the time. Bernie Collins has them all in the Children's Centre and will make sure that the correct person received the correct photograph. However, if you want your photograph during the summer, call in to the Children's Centre as all the copies have been sent over there. Cogratulations to those of you who received a certificate and thanks to the two volunteers who help with the classes, Mrs Eleanor Kamester and Mrs Anne James.


Just in case you haven't remembered the date the children are due to is...Wednesday 5 September. You will be welcoming Mrs Emma Appelby as your headteacher and I hope she has as much happiness being a head, here at Horsenden Primary, as I have had. 


Over and out 

Mrs Walton 


















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