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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents/Carers


Here we are on the 'run down' to the end of the academic year 2016-17!  Time passes so quickly, doesn't it? Everyone seemed to have had a lovely holiday and were enjoying being back in school.  There wasn't that much to report in our first week back.  Both assemblies were about St George's Day.  St George is the Patron Saint of England...and also of the Scouts.  Many of our children attend the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and a couple of the younger ones said that they would be attending events on St George's Day, although celebrating that he is the Parton Saint of Scouting, as chosen by Baden Powell, as opposed to celebrating the national day.  Key Stage 2 children heard about St George and saw a couple of clips about the 'St George and the Dragon' story but the clips didn't work in Key Stage 1 so I told them a version of the story; there are many different versions as I am sure you are aware!  Miss Borsig is going to show the clips in the forthcoming week as both are quite amusing!  We heard about the Year 4 'Cake Bake Sale'...happening on Thursday 27 May...doors opening in the Main Hall at, I believe, 3 o'clock!!! The 'Bike Draw' was soooooo exciting...and Emily (5S) was the lucky winner in KS2 with Sanjay (2D) being the lucky winner in Reception/KS1.  The 'Cinema Experience' will be enjoyed by 4D and 5S, the KS2 winners, and 2H and 2D, the Reception/KS1 winners.  Due to the Community Concert, which is happening this week, unusually, 2H and 2D will be watching their chosen film in the KS1 hall instead of the usual KS2 one, where the Community Concert is taking place.


The children will recall that we had a lovely end of term; children who had been coming to school every day of the spring term, were given their 100% attendance certificates, the eggs for the Decorated Egg Competition were taken home and...the highlight of our last day (for Year 1 to Year 6 children)' was watching the performance of 'Horsenden's Got Talent'.   Mr Amos, who produces and organises 'Horsenden's Got Talent',  showed us some wonderful footage of the runners up and their acts...those who did not make it to the main show.  In case your children have not yet told you (and, of course Year 1 and 2 having seen the dress rehearsal might not know) the winners in the three different categories were as follows:


One act from Year 3 or Year 4:'The Gymtastics' with a gymnastic dance - Isa Nilsson (3N), Sheli Patel (3D) and Mya Morris (3N)

One act from Year 5 or Year 6:Dora Neascu 6H) playing a solo piano piece 

One overall winner:                  Safa Naja doing a Karate dance


We continue to have concerns about the traffic in and around the school, this continues to be the case with the Elton Avenue gate traffic and we have highlighted this as a major issue, to the Horsenden governors. (This is one of the reasons members of staff, at school, are trying to promote safe habits in and around the roads with the children.) Please be aware that we really are trying to do our best but, YOU can help!  For example, if you see any bad examples from drivers, perhaps you could register your concerns at the following address: ; the name of the Complaint Officer is B Rutherford ( and the telephone number is 02088256677, if your prefer to telephone). We are trying to do more to change the bad habits of drivers as we have noticed just how dangerous it is around that area.  The works at the Horsenden Lane North Entrance are due to carry on until 5 May, so the problems that you are experiencing will be going away soon now.  Those at the Horsenden Lane North gate, at the end of the day, have noticed that a traffic control officer has been there far more frequently that is the norm...even though we reported the problems being at the Elton Avenue gate!


Miss Harrison has created a really helpful area, on the website, for parents/carers. To get to the area click into 'School Info' and then scroll down to 'Family Partnerships'. (I have seen it and think you will really like it...and find it useful.) It is constantly being updated with links that parents/carers may find useful. Make sure you check back to this section of the website regularly. She has completed a Family Partnership Action Plan and has met one of the governors to talk it over with him as well as present it to the Middle Managers. It was very well received and, as you know, it is an area we are really giving a big focus.  


As parents/carers, I am sure you are aware that we update our policies regularly.  We have a grid which schedules in which policies are up for review across the year.  You can find many of our policies on our website. If there is ever a policy or a set of procedures that you really want to see and it isn't there, why not ask Mrs O'Connor, in the central desk, and she will will be able to help you.  This week the Accessibility Policy and the Child Protection Policy are scheduled to be updated. 


If your child is in Years 3 to 6 and cannot yet access the Reading Cloud,  pop in to school and someone will tell you how to help them to do so.  The Reading Cloud can be accessed on the right hand side of our web page. You will have received a letter about it so should know as much as the children do!  Mrs Miller (our librarian) and Miss Hannah, one of our year 4 teachers and our literacy champion, has set it up. 


Thanks for sending your children in, regularly!  I am sure you heard the story, over the holiday, about the attendance judgement which, in due course, will have ramifications for schools across the country.  We will let you know about these changes as soon as we know ourselves!  There is a bank holiday coming up...on Monday 1 May.  This means that your child will not come to school on that day, but school will start at the normal time (8.55 am for those pupils in Reception to Year 6) on Tuesday 2 May.



Mrs Walton :)






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