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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 8 February 2018

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 8 February 2018





Thursday 8 February


Good evening! As I am attending a course on Friday afternoon, I thought I should start updating the website on Thursday case I ran out of time on the Friday. In case you don't know we are having our Pancake Day assemblies on the Friday morning (as Pancake Day is next week so we will now be in school for this special day). It will feel like a holiday event as it is also a non-uniform day. Many of you will have been in, this evening, as it is our late night parents' evening. The early one was on Tuesday 6 February. We always like to have the spring meetings before the half term break rather than after the break, although it does make for a long week for the teachers who are in for both evenings. Thanks to all of you who attended any of the meetings. You might have  visited the 'Travelling Book' fair, which was held in the main school office. I so appreciate the fact that members of staff and volunteers were here, on both evenings, helping families select books and keeping the money taken in order! There will be another book fair in the summer term and the main school office seems a perfect place for parents and children to browse together. We may start the early one in the hall though as the office is rather busy at the early, 3.30 pm, start time! We will keep you informed.  Below, you will find a few highlights about this week and, in some cases, last week's highlights, too! 


In case you miss what might be really important, we are breaking up for the half term break on Friday 9 February and the pupils should be back in school on Monday 19 February. We will look forward to hearing all about their half term adventures.


This week, the Nursery have had a fantastic week finding out about Chinese New Year. You will recall that it is the Year of the Dog! The Nursery children rad and watched the story about how the Chinese zodiac was created with a 'great animal race'. They found out about how a little girl, called Abbie, and her family get ready to celebrate and what they actually do on the day itself. They created some wonderful masks, lanterns and dragon puppets. They also learnt a song for Chinese New Year, using Makaton signs. They watched some lion dancing and some dragon parades. This was in preparation for the Nursery Parades which were due to happen on Friday 9 February.


Last week, you will recall that the Reception children read the story of, 'The Little Red Hen'. Children pretended to be one of the characters in the story who did not help the hen and then wrote an apology letter to the hen. In Maths, children were investigating measuring distances and enjoyed racing cars down a track, measuring how far they travelled. Children also discussed the weather and used technology to look at the weather forecast. So, what did they do THUS week? They read the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and enjoyed talking about and role playing the characters from the story. They also tried to write about the main events in this exciting story. The sounds of the week were 'air' and 'ir'. The maths focus was subtraction and they were using objects to help with the concept of subtraction as well as counting back using a number line. They too were learning all about Shrive Tuesday, the beginning of Lent and Chinese New Year. They identified where China was on a world map and found out about Chinese culture and traditions. As Safer Internet Day fell on Tuesday 6 February this was discussed in an age appropriate way with the children.


This week, Year 1 have really enjoyed trying to identify rhyming words and one of their practical lessons was about matching the pictures to a matching rhyme. Children were able to write down matching rhymes from words which were given to them. The focus book of the week was 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray and Jim Field. The book was chosen as it has lots of funny rhymes in it, to do with animals. The children were given pictures based on the story and then they write the rhyme to go with the pictures. On the creative side, the children wrote their own 'Diplodocus Dan' poem. Children practised counting in 2s and 5s and looked at multiples of 2 and 5, ensuring that they understood what numbers would come at the end of anything in either the 2 times table of the 5 times table. The focus was on the Arctic, in Geography, and children were concentrating on which animals lived in the Arctic (especially polar bears). Some beautiful pieces of aboriginal art were created by the children who welcomes Miss Jeffress back from Australia. Pupils were identifying different flowers, in science. It was a week of non-stop action!


Last week, Year 2 were continuing reading 'Esio Trot' by Roald Dahl and they were writing the story from the tortoise's point of view. In Maths lessons, children were doubling and halving using the partitioning method, number lines and base ten cubes. Children were also looking at their environment and investigating what materials were used for various items as part of the Science topic, 'Uses of everyday materials'. During History lessons, children were learning about Elizabeth Fry's reformation of Newgate Women's Prison; during RE, children were learning about the Jewish Seder plate. Last week the children were also learning about how to score a goal in hockey (in preparation for representing England in the 2032 Olympics)! Miss Holden and I saw some wonderful tortoise writing happening in Year 2, all connected to the 'Esio Trot' book. When I saw some of the children at the main gate at the end of the day on Thursday, they were still talking about the writing and how much they had enjoyed the lesson.  This week, the children were looking at a specific part of the 'Esio Trot' story, the part that looked at what happened to Alfie the tortoise. Reading scales was part of the maths being covered; children were weighing using non-standard measurements as well as exploring capacity. The science topic was the use of everyday materials. In art Valentines cards were being made and the subject of Shrove Tuesday was the Religious Education topic.


Year 3 have been having all sorts of fun, this week, and Miss Holden and I were lucky enough to see one of the lessons about writing instructions for preparing an Egyptian mummy. We heard a recap of the previous lesson which sounded so very exciting; someone was actually being prepared to be mummified! Although this was an English lesson it was linked to the topic work on the Egyptians. There was a continuation of looking at different symbols and also at looking at the different roles the gods and goddesses played. Art was closely linked to the topic too as the children continued to create their own versions of Egyptian art. In Religious Education (RE) the Egyptian story about creation was the focus and this was compared to creation stories in various religions. Telling the time is always a difficult concept and, one again, Miss Holden and I were fortunate to be in to see an excellent lesson on teaching (and the children learning about) telling the time. The children were learning to tell the time to the nearest five minutes as well as learning when to use the past and to on an analogue clock. Some twenty four hour clock recordings were made but, after half term, learning more about the 24 hour clock as well as Roman numerals on clocks will be a focus of the learning. The pupils made up their own very special song about Pancake Day and (luckily) I went into the room as the year group were singing it.Well, of course, I just HAD to ask them if they didn't mind sining it in the Pancake Day assembly, on the Friday!


Last week, Year 4 were working on division skills, including those with remainders. In Literacy, the children were reading extracts from Nelson Mandela's, 'Long Walk to Freedom' to begin their unit of work on 'discussion'. They were just starting to read the text, 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo, which is a great book if you have not read it! In History, children were learning about the Spanish Armada as well as about child labour in the textile industry (in Geography). In cookery, children made sun-dried tomato, basil and feta cheese scones and began gardening by planting seeds with a volunteer, Eddie. (This week, they made flapjacks which were sweet and tasty and part of their 'afternoon tea' unit.)They also found the time to start composing their own music, in recorders! This week, Mrs Porter let me know that the Maths topic was fractions, including equivalent fractions. The Literacy focus was about choosing a topic or question and writing a discussion about that subject, trying to state, clearly, the for and against arguments. Science recapped on the topic of sound. As part of their Elizabethan history topic, the children were writing diary entries pretending to be a poor person in Elizabethan times. 'Fairtrade' was explored, in Geography, and in PE Year 4 continued to practise their tennis skills; there was a special emphasis on being able to serve the ball.


Last week, Year 5 were building model cars using dowels, straws and lots of tape. They made axels. Children were analysing designs and they used engineering techniques to evaluate constructions. These DT projects, which use recycled materials, will be used for a science experiment later in the year, to test how forces affect an object’s movement. You heard all about the house system and the fact that children belong to one of four Houses (named after Olympians and Paralympians)...Hoy, Nash, Storey and Daley. Candidates wrote their speeches and had 1 minute to convince the members of their house, that they were the best candidate for the jobs of House Captain and Vice House Captain;they had to explain how they would uphold their job role responsibilities. Elections were then held and members of each house, voted for their House Captains and Vice Captains. The House Captains/Vice Captains are Risheeth, Muskaan, Misha, Orgest, Bianka, Ramiz, Zyera and Michael. This week, in Geography, Year 5 were seeing how humans impact the environment around them and they 'put their heads together' to try and think about how they could make a change. Over half term they will be collecting used batteries in order to help stop the Earth, our Earth, being poisoned by the harmful metals that are contained in batteries. Pupils made some wonderful models (presently being displayed in our library) to celebrate World Book Day. The models represent 'how reading can take them higher'. The Year 5 members of staff were really proud of what the pupils had produced and all the children will have a chance to see all the models displayed, after the half term break.


What were Year 6 doing, last week? They had been busy planning a newspaper report on the subject of 'Immigration'. (Miss Harrison saw a Year 6 lesson, last year, during delivery of this unit of work and she remembers being amazed by the work the children were producing so she was really excited about reading their final work.) In Science, the children were planning and using a ‘Question key to identify plants’, building on their knowledge in prior sessions, on classification. In Numeracy, children in the different 'sets' were working on different areas.. Mrs Sears' group were enjoying playing ‘Battleships’ (to deepen their knowledge and understanding of co-ordinates). In PSHE, the children looked at and discussed ‘appearance ideals' and, in Computing, Year 6 were already looking at ‘Internet Safety’ in preparation for the 'Internet Safety Day', this week. What were they doing, this week? In Mr Bull's maths set they were doing rotational symmetry, in Mr Gami's, long division and negative numbers and in Mrs Sears's, co-ordinates as well as using a temperature scale with positive and negative numbers. They continued their work on immigration as they did on learning to play the clarinets. There was so much more going on eg finishing classification. The pupils know that they must keep their brains 'ticking over' (Mr Bull's words) and they have been given some homework to help them with this...'Get into Mathletics' by trying to beat your teacher!!!



I am sure that many of you are accessing the website, regularly, now. More areas are being uploaded and some are really interesting and useful. Don't forget to look at the Key Dates for your Diary document that has been on the website since the start of this academic year, in September. This document gives you advanced notice about all the wonderful events and activities that occur, in school, across the year.  Below is Miss Holden’s round-up of what has been uploaded to the website, recently. Simply, click on the hyperlinks, below, to read more.


Uploads from 3 - 9 February -  


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The Year Three team uploaded:

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Year 2 sharing assembly


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Weekly focus


The Nursery team uploaded:

Chinese New Year

Forthcoming Nursery topics


We hope you all have a lovely week and then enjoy the half term holiday, next week!


You will receive a letter from the Chair of the Governing Board, letting you know about the appointment of the new Headteacher. (In case you have forgotten that I am retiring at the end of this academic year). There were nine candidates, external to the school, who applied and four were shortlisted. Of those four one was appointed over the two day interview process and that person was an experiences Headteacher called Mrs Emma Appelby. She will take up her post from September, 2018. The children are due to be told in the Key Stage assemblies, on Friday 9 February.


Mrs Walton










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