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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School week ending 23 June 2017

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School week ending 23 June 2017

Dear Parents/Carers


The cake sale, on Friday 16 June, made over £300 which will be spent, as you know, on new reading books.  There is one more cake sale planned, according to Miss Hannah, before the end of the academic year and I will let you know the date...when I know it, myself! 


The assemblies, on Friday 23 June, were hosted by Miss Holden in KS1 and by Miss Harrison in KS2. The assemblies were all about Eid which is expected to be either on Sunday or Monday. Children, in both Key Stages, learnt about this Muslim festival as they have been doing throughout the month of Ramadan. Also, in Key Stage 2, Miss Hannah spoke to the children about new Reading Records, for Key Stage 2, and an exciting 'Story Lines' map, which has been created for Horsenden Primary School pupils. The map gives suggested books to read, for different genres, and is based on the London Underground Map. The 'Story Lines' generated a great deal of excitement! In the KS1 assembly, Miss Holden explained that the children really enjoyed hearing about Eid, with many children enjoying the opportunity to talk about their own experiences of the Eid celebration.


We all enjoyed learning all about giraffes on World Giraffe Day on the longest day of the year - June 21.  It was the fourth World Giraffe Day; the numbers of giraffes are diminishing year on year. Most of the activities, whether maths related, story related, fact related, art related etc...were connected to giraffes. I took both assemblies and read the wonderful story 'Zeraffa Giraffa' which someone had recommended as a beautiful true story about a giraffe, in 1824, who is taken from Africa to the capital, Paris.  


It seems amazing that the roadworks, which should have been completed by the date we were given, 15 May...are still here and not looking like they will be finished any time soon. I have no idea why they are already many weeks over the date we were originally given. Does anyone know? If you do, it would be good if you could come in to the office and tell one of our administrators. Thanks! I have heard (but only as 'gossip'/hearsay), that one company left whatever they were doing and another company were brought in...but I do not know the truth and have not heard anything, formally.


We still continue to have concerns about the traffic in and around the school (made worse by the roadworks)and  this remains the case with the Elton Avenue gate traffic; we have highlighted this as a major issue, to the Horsenden governors. (This is one of the reasons members of staff, at school, are trying to promote safe habits in and around the roads with the children.) Part of the Key Stage 2 assembly of 16 June was all about safe travelling and Miss Manjdadria launched a competition, for the Key Stage 2 children about road safety.  The entries are due in by Friday 26 June. Please be aware that we really are trying to do our best but, YOU can help!  For example, if you see any bad examples from drivers, perhaps you could register your concerns at the following address:; the name of the Complaint Officer is B Rutherford (and the telephone number is 02088256677, if your prefer to telephone). We are trying to do more to change the bad habits of drivers as we have noticed just how dangerous it is around that area.  As I was at the gate, on Friday 23 June, a grandparent of a child came to say what huge problems there were regrading parking, outside in Horsenden Lane. I cold only agree with him and say that I kept putting reminders about parents being considerate but that the number above and using that number was the best way forward.


Over half term, our new Computing Suite was completed! Key Stage 1 children have their own laptops to use over in their own building but we had been thinking, for a while, about moving the Computer Suite from where it is, which is next to the library, in the main school building, to a classroom nearly opposite the entrance to the Library. The computers we had needed replacing and the holiday was the perfect time to have them replaced. The main reason for moving the computers was the cost of providing something to cool the area where the computers had been housed. There is no need for the cooling in the new area and with the laptop computers. While I am talking about technology, new 'CleverTouch'  boards have been installed in the Nursery, Year 4 and Year 5 (as well as one in the new Computing Suite). Year 6 will have to wait for the next budget and they will be having their new ones in the summer of 2018.  We tend to replace boards on a rolling programme. I am hoping that we will soon replace the blue school gates, at the end of the Horsenden Lade North they are rather 'tatty' looking and often difficult to open and close!

Miss Harrison has created a really helpful area, on the website, for parents/carers. To get to the area click into 'School Info' and then scroll down to 'Family Partnerships'. (I have seen it and think you will really like it...and find it useful.) It is constantly being updated with links that parents/carers may find useful. Make sure you check back to this section of the website regularly. She has completed a Family Partnership Action Plan and has met one of the governors to talk it over with him as well as present it to the Middle Managers. It was very well received and, as you know, it is an area we are really giving a big focus.  


As parents/carers, I am sure you are aware that we update our policies regularly. We have a grid which schedules in which policies are up for review across the year. You can find many of our policies on our website. If there is ever a policy or a set of procedures that you really want to see and it isn't there, why not ask Mrs O'Connor, in the central desk, and she will will be able to help you. This week (week beginning 19 May) we updated our Accessibility Policy, having just updated out Child Protection one a few weeks earlier. The next document to be updated is the Curriculum Policy.  Apart from the Curriculum Policy, I think that all policies due for an update have now been updated (but I will check)!


If your child is in Years 3 to 6 and they still cannot access the Reading Cloud,  pop in to school and someone will tell you how to help them to do so. The Reading Cloud can be accessed on the right hand side of our web page. You will have received a letter about it so should know as much as the children do!  Mrs Miller (our librarian) and Miss Hannah, one of our Year 4 teachers and our literacy champion, has set it up. 


Some children heard about a new reading initiative, on Friday 16 June, and others will hear about it during the week beginning 19 June.  It is called 'The Horsenden Reading Prize' and it is awarded, half termly, and is for children from Year 1 through to Year 6. It is an award which is given to children who demonstrate excellence in reading whether in terms of improvement, attainment or simply enjoyment.  Miss Hannah in Key Stage 2 and Miss Borsig, in Key Stage 1 are making sre that the children know exactly how 'The Horsenden Reading Prize' works...and what the prize is!!



The 'Bikeability' course ran during the week beginning 12 June and it was for Year 6 pupils. Some Year 6 boys went off to a cricket tournament on Thursday 15 June.  There were 32 teams and they managed to get to the last eight...but then they met the champions, Lady Margaret, and got knocked out.  They had a thoroughly good time and should be proud of their achievements. Certificates were given out in an assembly and Miss Holden will be uploading the boys' photo, with their certificates.  Mrs Yates, who had been on the outing, with the boys, gave us all (in Key Stage 2) an idea of what it had been like to be there. 


Enjoy your weekend...whatever you may be doing.



Mrs Walton :)






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