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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 15 June 2018

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School - 15 June 2018

Sunday 17 June - Please remember that Sports Day will happen for your child this week. Please make sure they have sun hats and suncream (especially if they are Year 3 or Year 4 as Tuesday is forecast to be hot). Children should also make sure they have a named water bottle. 


Saturday 16 June 2018


This week, we have had a great week with a 'Walk to School' event on Wednesday. Teri the Tiger attended school and enjoyed seeing all the children and parents/carers walking to school. He enjoyed having his photograph taken with lots of children and parents and carers. Teri wanted to thank you all for being so welcoming and asks you to consider leaving your car at home more often and enjoying walking and talking with your child! Nursery and Reception children were all sent home with booklets about walking to school. Year One and Two will be using 'Traffic Tales' stories over the next few weeks to teach about road safety. Years Three to Six pupils have bookmarks and have been set the challenge of walking at least ten times in the final four and a half weeks left of the term.


On Friday, lots of children were not in school as they were celebrating the festival of Eid, which marks the end of the time of fasting. 'Eid Mubarak' to all of our Muslim families and other families who were celebrating with friends and families. We do hope that you have all had an excellent celebration and look forward to hearing about it on Monday.


Other highlights from around the school last week include:


Nursery pupils continued to the topic of 'People who help us' by finding out about doctors and nurses. The children made gingerbread bears to give to the father's or other grown up men who help to look after the, All of the biscuits were decorated with a lovely handmade label by the children. Finally, the children learnt about the festival of Eid-Ul-Fitr. Many of the Nursery children and friends were celebrating the special occasion so the children made cards and some artwork for the celebration.


Reception children have been learning about Eid and Fathers Day which is celebrated tomorrow, Sunday 17 June. Children made their own shells as their book focus was 'Sharing a Shell. Children completed writing based on their interests on the interest table. Children worked on Phonics set 2/3 sounds, continuing with improving letter formation. In Maths, children focused on measuring, using cm’s and the vocabulary of height, length, tallest, shortest shorter etc.


Year One pupils enjoyed their Phonics screening this week, which went very well. We do not know what the pass mark is yet but all parents/carers will know the results of this check once this is known. In Literacy, children have been reading and thinking about the story 'Giraffes can't dance'.  In Science, children have been investigating what objects are transparent, translucent and opaque. 


Year Two read the story of 'Old Bear' in Literacy and write about how he must have felt, being stuck in the attic. Children thought about and write how they would rescue him from the attic by creating a rescue plan which involved the other toys. In Maths, children were focusing on inverse operations and talked about multiplication and how this can be done in any order. The children also reasoned about addition facts to do with even and odd numbers. In History, children continued to learn about rationing and facts about World War Two. The children are excited about their forthcoming trip as they are really enjoying the topic. In PSHE, children made friendship postcards to say why our friends make us feel proud.


Year Three  have been learning how to read scales in Maths and practicing weighing different items. Children now know all about mass and cam measure using gram and kilograms. IN Literacy, the children have continued to read 'The Iron Man' and have been concentrating on Chapter Three this week. They have made comic strips about the events of the story so far. In Lego, the children made electric whisks and got really excited when they were able to test them in bowls of water! It is great that we have a year group of budding engineers. In History, children have been learning what life was like for families during the First World War. In Science, children have started off their experiments to discover what are the best conditions for a plant to grow in. The children have placed plants in different places around the school and will be monitoring their growth regularly to check on their progress.


Year Four... to be updated.


Year Five children have made Rain Gauges for a Science experiment which will run over the next few weeks to measure how much rain is collected at various locations around the school. The children have made bunting which will be hung in the woods on Horsenden Hill, when they visit during Science week. This is the mark the official opening of the site where they planted the trees earlier in the year. The children have begun learning about plant and water cycles in Science and Geography.


Year Six  have been editing and making final refinements to their writing piece which have been on the subject of volcanoes or earthquakes. The children have started rehearsing in the hall for their end of year show, 'What a Knight'. Some of the Year Six pupils also started their 'Bikeability' course which teaches the children have to ride their bikes on the road, safely. All of the pupils are looking forward to 'Sports Day' next week!


Have a great weekend!


Miss Harrison

Acting Head




Monday 11 June 2018


Here are the highlights from last week:


Nursery pupils have started a new topic ‘people who help us’. The children have been leaning about doctors, nurses and others who help them when they are unwell. The children have been able to investigate a variety of equipment used by medical professionals. The staff have set up a hospital role play area and have encouraged the use ICT to extend pupil learning. 


Reception classes were reading and focusing on the story of Elmer the Elephant. in Maths, they were looking at patterns and thinking about what comes next in the sequence or what is the missing pattern. In Phonics, the children are working on set 2 sounds and they are starting to create work for a summer display.


Year One prepared for their Phonics check (which is happening as I write this. They also learnt about positional language in Maths. In Geography, they were learning the difference between rural and urban and in Science, they were testing which materials are waterproof and could be used to make an umbrella for Boris and Bills, the Year 1 Walk to School bears!


Year Two pupils really enjoyed Circus skills. IN Literacy, children were producing imaginative writing about what might be lurking behind the cupboard doors. Children decided that it was a portal to another world and enjoyed asking questions using the question bears before writing their descriptions. In Maths, children were looking at different skills such as telling the time to the nearest 15 minutes, using different coins to make the same amount, using estimation to help work out answers and solving word problems with more than one step. Phew! In history, children have started to learn about World War 2 by discussing how the war started, which countries were involved and what rationing was. In RE, they are looking at features of a Jewish synagogue.


Year Three have been doing the following. Miss Reeves wrote this for me: This week in Year 3, we have been doing some amazing things! In Maths, we have been practising using different measurements. We have been estimating and then checking our estimates using weighing scales and measuring jugs. In English, we have been reading the Iron Man. We love it! So far, we have read Chapters 1 and 2 and getting to know all of the characters. Our reading detective skills are getting much better as we are questioning, inferring and predicting. We can’t wait to read on to see if some of our questions and predictions are answered. In Science, we have been looking at the different parts of a flowering plant and what they do. We have also had circus skills this week. It has been really good fun; using diabolos and juggling. Some of us even managed to walk the tightrope. In Lego, we have been building tractors and getting the different parts all to work together. It has been a fantastic week in Year 3.


Year Four pupils enjoyed cooking Lo Mein stir fry which, once again, smelt delicious. They were working hard on telling the time using 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. In Literacy, they read the test, 'Anansi and the Box of Stories' where they enjoyed retelling the story, acting it out and then writing their own ending. They also worked hard on plurals of words and using apostrophes correctly. In geography, the pupils are looking at the local area and learning about Kings in the Stuart era in History. They were learning to play the song 'Cameron's Spaceship' on the recorder. In PSHE, the children are learning about 'Growth and Fixed' mind sets.


Year 5  have begun training for Sports Day focusing on sprinting and distance running.  Some children could run 13 laps around the KS2 playground! The pupils have begun learning about life cycles of plants and the water cycle. The children have also started to train for the swimming gala. In Literacy, the children have been acting out potential narratives for an adventure story based around Wind in the Willows.


Fifty-three Year Six pupils attended the residential school journey in North Norfolk last week. Have a look at the website to see the activities they participated in. All of the children and adults had a fantastic but exhausting time. The children who remained in school had a much less pressured week. The pupils enjoyed extra MUGA and ICT time and studied the history of the Football World Cup. The pupils also started sewing with a World Cup theme. They also enjoyed a swimming session and planned and made a fun-themed clay piece.


Have an enjoyable week and, if you can, make sure you take part in our walk to school event on Wednesday. For those of you who enjoy football, enjoy the start of the 2018 World Cup!


Miss Harrison

Acting Headteacher



Wednesday 30 May 2018


Last week was a busy week for all and lots of things were happening across the school. We had our first 'Lockdown practise' which you would have received a letter from Mrs Walton about. The purpose of a 'lockdown' is to make sure we have the procedures in place to keep the children safely within the school building which is the opposite of a fire drill when we have to safely evacuate the building. There are many reasons why we may have to keep the children contained inside the building, including a fire or gas leak in the area or a wild animal within the school grounds among other possible scenarios. All of the reasons why we would have to have a 'lockdown' are very rare and highly unlikely however, schools must have a procedure in place which is known to the children. The children were all fantastic and stayed incredibly calm during the time that this was trialled.


Here are the highlights from the individual year groups across the school:


Nursery pupils finished their topic on mini beasts by learning about spiders, ladybirds and bees. The children decorated some stones and made them look like ladybirds and bees, to go in the Nursery garden area. The children also enjoyed tasting some honey! A main highlight of the week was the Royal Wedding party. The children all had a great time watching some highlights of the wedding, eating their lunches and dancing. It was lovely to see that so many of the children had chosen to dress up as kings, queens, princes or princesses! Photographs and videos of the event can be viewed via the Nursery section of the website.


Reception pupils have been enjoying reading poems from 'The Great Big Cuddle Book' thinking about rhymes within the poems and learning about why poems are written. Children continue to work hard on their phonic sounds and practicing letter formation. In Maths, children have been developing their skills of halving numbers, group of items and halving whole objects such as fruit.  Children were also learning about the Royal Wedding, looking at different flags and what countries they belong to and how to keep themselves clean, such as brushing teeth.


Year One pupils enjoyed an amazing trip to Windsor Castle. The children behaved impeccably during the entire visit and were praised by staff at the castle. They all enjoyed a session entitled 'What were castles used for?' which they all enjoyed and got a lot out of. The classes had learnt about the Royal Wedding before visiting so when they all went into the chapel and on to the main steps, the children had a full understanding of what had happened there and why it was such a special time to visit. The learning centre at the castle commended Horsenden Primary School on the organisation and excellent behaviour of the pupils who we are all very proud of! The Year One pupils are now entering the final weeks of preparation before their phonics screening check so they are revising their sounds in class and the teachers are also hoping that the children continue to revise their sounds over the half term holiday!


Year Two pupils focused on Reading skills during Literacy lessons. The children were encouraged to check what they were reading makes sense by correcting various nonsense sentences. They also enjoyed reading an Australian folk tale called 'Tiddalick the Frog' which had some new and unusual words for the children to investigate. In Maths, children looked at number patterns in sequences of numbers as well as missing number problems as well as completing some work investigating the properties of shapes. In Science, classes were discussing climate change and the children set up an experiment to see if ice melts faster in a container if the container is covered in cling film (emulating the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere). Finally, children learnt about the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and how he built the Great Western railway from London to Bristol. 


Year Three learning will be updated once I get an update although I do know that some of the classes were enjoying lego technology and all of the classes have been working hard on some art activities which have been displayed in the corridor and look amazing!


Some of the Year Four pupils enjoyed going on the residential school journey from Wednesday to Friday at Lincolnsfields Centre in Bushey. Have a look at the photographs by clicking on the link on the front page of the website. The children who remained in school enjoyed playing parachute games, made toffee popcorn, watched a film and completed lots of artwork. Prior to the trip, children were performing poetry so we could enter the CLiPPA poetry competition. The children also worked on statistics, bar charts and line graphs in Maths and, in RE, were learning about artefacts in the Hindu faith. Some of the classes finished reading the Roals Dahl classic, 'Danny the Champion of the World'.


Year Five pupils have transformed their shared area into a Maya rainforest and the children have completed tropical birds for the area. The winners for the best individual and best parent-assisted projects will be announced when we return after half term! The Maya were known for their exceptional chocolate, so guess what the prize may be! Year Five pupils have also now completed their unit on learning the skills of netball and are now all superstars as they can mark, pass, defend and shoot on goal!


Year Six pupils thought that the hard work had ended after they completed their SATs tests but, sadly, they were wrong! The teachers have continued to push the children and they have been working hard to improve their independent writing. The children have also had a focus on mountains and mapwork in Geography lessons and they have been learning how to identify a range of features using keys in different types of maps.


Children are hopefully now enjoying a relaxing week before they return to school on Monday 4 June for the final half term of this academic year. 


See you on Monday!


Miss Harrison

Acting Headteacher




Monday 21 May 2018


Last week was a busy week for two year groups in particular. It was SATs week for Year 6 and the second week of SATs tests for Year 2. Many other year groups also had tests to complete. All of the children coped really well so thank you to parents/carers for the part you also played in this by ensuring children were in school, on time, had eaten breakfast and had gone to bed at a reasonable time. It really is appreciated. 


Ramadan also started. Thank you to the parents/carers who have informed us if their children are fasting on any day. Although many children do not start to fast until they are older, some children do occasionally fast so it is best that we are aware. Children during this time should still be able to participate in all curriculum lessons.


We were hoping that this week was going to be more relaxed and indeed it will be, except if you are bringing your car to school along Horsenden Lane North as, this morning, they have started telecom engineering works with temporary lights in place which, we expect, may cause the area to become even more congested than normal. Given the beautiful weather, this will be a great time to park away from the school and walk, if you are able to!


Here are a few highlights from around the school for last week:


Nursery continued to focus on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and the children are now very familiar with the story and many children are now able to start to recall it and re-tell it during whole class sessions. The children also enjoyed a short film about the lifecycle if a butterfly and have begun to learn some songs associated with this theme. In Numeracy, children have been focused on developing the concept of 'more' and 'less'.


Reception children read the book 'You Noisy Monkey', and children have been undertaking writing activities, based on their shared interests. Children were learning about the Royal family and also discussed the Royal wedding. In class, they were looking at floating and sinking and also thinking about personal hygiene. The classes continued with phonics, differentiating activities for groups, and integrating phonics within their independent writing. In Maths, children were counting in 2’s and learning about odd and even numbers.


Year 1 children enjoyed learning about the Royal family in the lead up the wedding on Saturday. They were also learning about and writing about Windsor Castle in lessons. They were also learning about fractions in Maths, particularly quarters.


Year 2 children spent most mornings completing their SATs. By Friday, the children seemed very tired and had worked really hard and so were rewarded as they sat outside on the grass, on Friday afternoon, and had ice lollies as a treat to say well done to all of them. During the week, children also enjoyed some greater depth challenges in Maths and learnt about the Muslim mosque in RE. 


Year 3 children ensured they were busy when they were not in assessments! They spent some time finishing off their volcanoes and plan to now make them erupt for a volcano video! The children have also been creating more pop art collages and making pop art parrots for a shape jungle. In Latin, they have been learning about Roman numerals and enjoyed playing some Roman numeral games and in French, children have been learning French words for different school items and what school life is like for a child in France.


Year 4 made Quorn Quesadillas which looked and smelt REALLY good! The children learnt about the Great Fire of London. In Geography, children read the story 'One Plastic Bag' written by Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia which  tells the story of one woman's efforts to recycle plastic bags and the impact it has on her town and its people. Children continued with their 'Hoop Art' and started to learn to perform the song 'Chatter with the Angels' on the recorder. In PE, they have already started to practise for Sports Day - they are a competitive group!


Year 5 have been creating a rainforest in the shared area and this is growing and the birds are singing, which I am sure the children have mentioned! In netball, children have been learning how to shoot at the goal and are also really enjoying how to defend effectively! The House Point winning team will be chosen this Friday, to win an end of Half Term treat!


Year 6 pupils completed their SATs and spent some time revising between the tests. The teachers also ensured children had time to relax to ensure the test week was as smooth as possible. Children in Year 6 really enjoyed coming into school early next week for a fruit and biscuit boost! In the coming weeks, there will be a greater focus on foundation subjects, especially Geography which will form the basis of their next piece of writing which is non-fiction.


We hope you all have a great final week and enjoy the half term break, next week!


Miss Harrison

Acting Headteacher



Friday 11 May 2018


This week has felt very short with the bank holiday but children have crammed lots of learning into the four days. Year 2 pupils completed their Maths SATs papers this week and continue their tests into next week. Year 6 SATs week is next week and they are all feeling ready and prepared. Many other year groups have formal tests next week and we always make sure children understand that we want them to do their best and not get too worried about the tests. I am sure that everyone will appreciate that tests can be very worrying for children (and indeed parents/carers and teachers!) and we need to reassure children and make sure they have time to relax. 


Here are a few highlights for this week:


Nursery have started a new topic ‘mini-beasts’ by reading the story of ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children have listened to him reading the story too using a CD with accompanying illustrations. In the outdoor area, the children have been participating in a mini-beast hunt and have been enjoying investigating replica mini-beasts in various activities in the indoor area (eg through role play and sensory play). They have created artistic representations of mini beasts in the art area by potato printing, finger painting and drawing. The Nursery staff will be making a beautiful display with all of the children's creations!


Year Two have been busy with their SATs revision. They also carried out with the 'Snail and the Whale' and learnt some facts about Whales. In history, we used books to do research about life in Victorian times.


Year Four children have been working hard on money problems including rounding amounts. In Literacy, children have been revising the present perfect tense and reading poems by Jackie Kay (Way down below in the streets of Paris and Running Shoes). Children have written their own Boasting poem. In History, pupils have been learning about 'The Plague' and in Geography, learning about their Carbon Footprint. In Science, children have been experimenting and learning about condensation, evaporation and melting point temperatures. In Art, children have been continuing Van Gogh inspired watercolours and have begun to make plastic carrier bag art using hoops!


Year 5 children have been creating tropical birds which will be displayed in the shared area which is being turned into a Maya rainforest. The newly appointed House Captains have enjoyed a photoshoot which will be displayed on the website shortly.


Year 6 children have had a final push on their SATs revision. They will be undertaking their test next week. Good luck, Year 6!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Miss Harrison

Acting Headteacher


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