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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School up to the end of term 18 July

Welcome to Horsenden Primary School up to the end of term 18 July

Dear Parents/Carers


Well the end of term finally I can wish you all a happy holiday, whatever you may be doing!


Most children received their 100% attendance certificates, during the final assemblies (although the Reception and Nursery children were visited, separately, so that their certificates could be given to them). Some children received a 'Super Gold Award' for managing to be in school every single day of the academic year 2016-17...that is some feat. Those children in Years 1 and 2 had a collective photo as did the children in Years 3 to 6. The individual teachers, in Reception and Nursery, have the photos of the children who received awards in those year groups. I believe Miss Holden will either make sure the photos get to the parents/carers of she will let you know where they are! Other certificates were given out eg in Key Stage 2 the swimming awards and badges were given to those children who had achieved certain swimming grades. Year 2, who are moving over to the main school building and Year 6 who are moving on to their high schools were all wished good luck and the message in both assemblies was about how much we learn, year on year, and how that helps us become well rounded individuals. It is always a sad time when we say our goodbyes to our lovely Year 6 pupils but we know that they are always so ready to move on to life's new adventures! We made sure they had a lovely send off.  Unusually, this year, there were few tears by the main gate...I think most were so keen to get to the local park to have a water 'fight'. I am not condoning this...just telling it as it is! You will be pleased to know that their parents knew all about what was going on!!


Thanks, again, to Mrs Haddon, one of our parents, who made sure you received the final Newsletter of the year...a combined (and rather long) June/July one. She turns our word processed information into something quite lovely to see and enjoy. I am sure you know that copies of all the newsletters are in a file in the main school office and children, regularly, flick through and look back on all the earlier ones in the do many parents/carers and visitors. You have told me that you like your information in a variety of ways...hence the Newsletter, this Welcome Note page and the various Parentmail communications. We do try to keep paper copies of whatever is sent out so, you can always come in and ask for a paper copy if you need one.  Parentmail is sooooooo popular! Thanks for all the feedback you have given about that method of communication, in particular.  


I haven't looked at the various parental comment sheets which are returned following the school reports but thanks to those who sent them in and, when Mrs Vowles gives them to me in class sets, I look through them all and those which need following up are followed up. It could be that a copy goes to the next teacher, or it could be that a Key Stage Manager has a copy to follow up any concerns which may have been expressed. If anyone is interested, you can always come and ask what does happen to those parental comment sheets! While I am on the subject of reports, you will recall that Year 6 have to wait until nearly the end of term for their reports as we have to await the SATs results. The Year 6 data is below.


Although the data is not checked and therefore unlikely to be 100% accurate you are still likely to want to know what the 'scores on the doors' (for those of you who remember 'The Generation Game' that was a saying on that game) are. Here is the information:

Reading Test                                                Standard Percentage 76.8% (National is 71%) Greater Depth 24.2%

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Test                                                             Standard Percentage 88.4% (National is 77%) Greater Depth 55.8%

Maths Test                                                   Standard Percentage 84.2% (National is 75%) Greater Depth 35.8%

Writing (Teacher Assessment)                                                      85.3% (National is 76%) Greater Depth 25.3% 

The combined percentage for Reading, Writing and Maths is 71.6 % (National 61%)

The standard percentage is for those reaching a scaled score of 100 but we have guessed that the government will keep the greater depth as a scaled score of 110; however, this has not been confirmed so ANY of the data above is only giving you an indication of what we think the percentages are likely to be; please be aware of that.  I know that, in the past, parents/carers have asked for this indication and we have been hesitant to put out percentages without being absolutely sure if they are correct but as long as you know that the above comes with a health warning then that is fine. (The combined scores are in bold as the government are always so keen on asking what that percentage is!) The above has been shared with governors and with members of staff and other headteachers and the school is really pleased with the results. (Three new govenors were elected, recently, and I believe the Clerk to the Governing Board is sending out information regarding this.) The Key Stage 1 (Year 2 data) does not get given to the school in the same way but, at an appropriate time, we will send those percentages out too. The Year 6 children have been told how pleased we are, with them and with all the hard work they 'put in' well as the members of staff AND the Year 6 parents/carers.  Well done to all!  One parent asked me about the comments I write on the reports but, just in case you do not know, I write a personal comment on all of the Year 6 reports...but not on all the reports. Miss Holden and I 'proof read' all the reports, picking up on missing full stops etc.  We also look at the Learning Journeys kept for some children who attend the Children's Centre. I also read (and thoroughly enjoy seeing all the experiences in) the Nursery and Reception Learning Journeys. The quality of those Learning Journeys fill me with awe. You must love discussing them with the teachers...those of you have children in those year groups.


I told you about the 'Hall of Fame' on the 'Reading Challenge' board, in the main school building, and let you know who had received the reading awards. The photos of those pupils are now displayed there. While I am on the subject of reading, I would like to thank all the parents/carers who sent in donations and who have received letters about the books they may wish to purchase due to their donations. Each book purchased will have a book plate in the inside of the book with the names of the children whose parent/s/carer/s contributed!  It is a lovely initiative, thought through and brought to fruition by Miss Hannah. Thanks to her! While mentioning photos, Mrs Pearson has been sorting out getting photos of all the staff up and displayed, somewhere. 


The show, called 'Superstan' (like 'Superman'), was performed to the Year 6 parents/carers on Monday 10 July, at 7.00 pm, in the main school hall.  Those who ordered and wanted the DVD have now had them. Thanks to Mr Amos who made sure they were ready for collection before the children broke up.


For parents/carers (especially in Key Stage 2) who are interested, Miss Hannah, who is trying really hard to promote reading and who is trying to raise the profile of reading in the school, and Mr Amos, our technical genius, produced an exciting 'Story Lines' map. You will be able to see it, if you want to 'pop in', perhaps, after school one day. It is displayed in the area near the main school library. They created it especially for Horsenden Primary School pupils. The map gives suggested books to read, for different genres, and is based on the London Underground Map. The 'Story Lines' generated a great deal of excitement when the children, in Key Stage 2, heard about it...and then saw it. All round the school, children are talking more and more about reading and, with the new 'Reading Challenge' introduced, they will be talking even more about reading than they are now!  The school is open during the holiday period so, if you wanted to take a look at the 'Story Lines' map, why not pop in and see it?


We raised £1,269 for the Grenfell Fire Appeal. Thanks to everyone who sent in a donation on the non-uniform day.


We still continue to have concerns about the traffic in and around the school and this remains the case with the Elton Avenue gate traffic; we continue to highlight this as a major issue, to the Horsenden governors. (This is one of the reasons members of staff, at school, are trying to promote safe habits in and around the roads with the children.  A recent example of this was a Key Stage 2 competition to promote road safety. The competition was all about safe travelling and was promoted by one of our Year 6 teachers, Miss Manjdadria.  (It was called 'Brake's Road Safety Poster Competition'.) The closing date was Friday 26 June and one of our entries made it to the final; we let everyone in one of the end of term assemblies, know! Please be aware that we really are trying to do our best regarding traffic issues, but...YOU can help!  For example, if you see any bad examples from drivers, perhaps you could register your concerns at the following address:; the name of the Complaint Officer is B Rutherford (and the telephone number is 02088256677, if your prefer to telephone). We are trying to do more to change the bad habits of drivers as we have noticed just how dangerous it is around that area.  

Those returning, following the break, will notice some changes! There will be new climbing equipment in the Nursery and the large playground, the Year 4 - Year 6 one! The grass area around the Children's Centre will have Astroturf...or something similar...and, hopefully, there will be new blue school gates at the top of the Horsenden Lane North entrance. From July 10 a company called 'Energy Saving Lighting' will be replacing all the lights in the main school building. The Key Stage 1 building already had LED lights.  At the time of writing this, the lights are still being replaced! It is a long job! We were successful in receiving a £10,000 grant from 'The Carbon Trust' and our School Business Manager, Mrs Pearson, thinks that we will save approximately £4,500, a year, in energy bills (as well as having brighter lighting)!



Miss Harrison has created a really helpful area, on the website, for parents/carers. To get to the area click into 'School Info' and then scroll down to 'Family Partnerships'. (I have seen it and think you will really like it...and find it useful.) It is constantly being updated with links that parents/carers may find useful. Make sure you check back to this section of the website regularly. She has completed a Family Partnership Action Plan and has met one of the governors to talk it over with him as well as present it to the Middle Managers.  


As parents/carers, I am sure you are aware that we update our policies regularly. We have a grid which schedules in which policies are up for review across the year. You can find many of our policies on our website. If there is ever a policy or a set of procedures that you really want to see and it isn't there, why not ask Mrs O'Connor, in the central desk, and she will will be able to help you. At present we are looking at finishing our Lockdown procedures, for the three different buildings we have on the site. Thinking about site issues I just wanted some feedback on the closing time, in the morning, of the Elton Avenue gate.  Please let me know your thoughts. We shortened the time that the gate was opened and the feedback that I have had, so far, is that parents/carers are happy with the new arrangement. 


If your child is in Years 3 to 6 and they still cannot access the Reading Cloud, pop in to school and someone will tell you how to help them to do so. The Reading Cloud can be accessed on the right hand side of our web page. You will have received a letter about it so should know as much as the children do! Mrs Miller (our librarian) and Miss Hannah, one of our Year 4 teachers and our literacy champion, has set it up. 


Once again...enjoy a lovely holiday!


Mrs Walton :)






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