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Year 6 Trip Photos - Day 5

Day Five

After a morning of orienteering and crafting bottle rockets, we have all arrived safely back in Greenford. Everyone had a fantastic time!


Day Four

It has been another packed day of activities, starting with a visit to Cromer Beach where some of the children were able to dip their toes in the water (which was very cold). After playing Aeroball, orienteering and problem solving, we are finishing the day getting down and groovie at the Kingswood disco. We are sure they will all sleep well tonight.


Day Three

The sun had its hat on today. The children enjoyed various activities including environmental arts, fire lighting, laser, jungle vines and fencing. We rounded off the day with a camp fire and celebrated a birthday with treats. Everyone is looking forward to a good night's sleep.


Day Two

We are still waiting for the sun to shine, here in Norfolk, but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying today's activities at all. Many children overcame personal challenges by climbing up a ten metre pole and attempting the 'Leap of Faith' and 'Jungle Vines'. Others enjoyed clambering around on the climbing wall leaving them with sore fingers and big smiles!


Day One

As you can see, we have all arrived safely and our week of exciting activities has started. On Monday evening, the children enjoyed their first instructor-led session and are really looking forward to the week ahead!

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