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Mission Statement


Horsenden Primary School


Mission Statement



“Creating a Learning Culture”


This school has a commitment to holistic life-long learning… academic, social, emotional and physical.


Everyone at Horsenden Primary School is happy, feels safe and respects themselves and others. They are able to work to the best of their ability and feel that they are recognised…as individuals. Learning is important in this school and in preparation for future life. Everyone cares for the environment in which they live.

We achieve the above by ensuring the following:




Every child is given the opportunity to become literate and numerate and to develop his/her personal abilities, talents and skills.

Every child will have the confidence and skills to use the current technology.

Children are given opportunities to share their expertise with others.


Behaviour and Discipline


Praise and encouragement are used to keep self-esteem high and ensure appropriate behaviour.

Children are encouraged and supported to make suitable choices about their own behaviour and inappropriate behaviour is dealt with.




Everyone has an age appropriate knowledge and understanding of the world and is able to take their place in our world, proud of who they are and the contribution they can make.




Everyone works closely for the benefit of the children in the school. In addition strong links are forged with the local community.

The children in the School Council said that our HORSE Code is important and simple for us all to remember!



H       HAPPY


O       ORGANISED                 


R       RESPECTFUL        


S       SAFE     




…so we will all adhere to our HORSE Code!






  • Horsenden Primary School
  • Horsenden Lane North
  • Greenford
  • Middlesex
  • UB6 0PB
  • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 020 8422 5985
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