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Special Educational Needs


Dear Parents and Carers


From the 1 September 2015, there have been changes in the law about how children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities receive support from the local authority, health and social care services and schools. This letter is to give information to Horsenden Primary School parents/carers about what the changes mean to children and families in this school.


The Children and Families Act received Royal Assent on 13 March 2014 and Part 3 of the Act covers new Special Educational Needs legislation; this came into place on 1 September 2014. This new Code of Practice offers guidance as to how the Act should be implemented across all services, especially education.


From this term, Statements of Special Educational Needs, will be replaced by Education Health and Care (EHC) plans. This will not affect children who already have a statement. These statements will gradually be converted to EHC plans over the next two years. This will not affect the support these children receive.


For children with less complex needs, but who still require help e.g. speech and language support, a new system called special educational needs (SEN) support will replace School Action and School Action Plus. This support will not focus on ‘counting hours or resources’ given to a pupil but more on what the pupil has achieved as a result of this support.


Transitional arrangements allow three years for all the changes to be implemented in school. Here, at Horsenden, we will be continuing to support all pupils who will benefit from extra support be it speech and language, reading or for emotional reasons. If your child is being supported as part of SEN support, you will be informed about this at the termly Parents’ Evenings. During the Parents’ Evenings, I am available to discuss any issues or concerns regarding Special Educational Needs. Please contact a member of the school office to organise an appointment.


Yours sincerely


Mrs J Yates

SEN Leader



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