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Decorated Egg Competition - Winners announced...

Congratulations and well done to all the children (and parents/carers) who entered the recent Decorated Egg Competition! Have a look at the masterpieces, below!


The winners of the competition are:

First place in Reception - Daria (RH) and Kenuli (RD)

Second place in Reception - Tej (RN) and Phoebe (RN)

Third place in Reception - Ibrarulhaq (RS) and Amna (RH)

Fourth place in Reception - Tiara (RD) and Bobby (RS)



First place in Year One - Adrian (1N) and Angel (1S)

Second place in Year One - Sam (1H) and Maddox (1D)

Third place in Year One - Natty (1D) and Devindi (1D)

Fourth place in Year One - Kareem (1S) and Simi (1H)



First place in Year Two - Mahmud (2H) and Adam (2H)

Second place in Year Two - Jash (2S) and Anoushka (2N)

Third place in Year Two - Muska (2D) and Dihein (2D)

Fourth place in Year Two - Caleb (2N) and Amelia (2S)



First place in Year Three - Laura (3H) and Anuj (3H)

Second place in Year Three - Anshu (3D) and Laura (3D)

Third place in Year Three - Sukhveer (3S) and Anindo (3S)

Fourth place in Year Three - Ashviya (3N) and Raafiah (3N)


First place in Year Four - Shalina (4N) and Suhailah (4S)

Second place in Year Four - Sanjna (4S) and Kirusha (4N)

Third place in Year Four - Mantrakumar (4D) and Jay (4H)

Fourth place in Year Four - Maryam (4H) and Amaya (4D)



First place in Year Five - Lukasz (5N) and Ayesha (5D)

Second place in Year Five - Michael (5S) and Siritharan (5H)

Third place in Year Five - Nusayba (5H) and Konnie (5N)

Fourth place in Year Five - Dana (5S)



First place in Year Six - Alayna (6S) and Maahi (6D)

Second place in Year Six - Oliwia (6S) and Danyal (6H)

Third place in Year Six - Ines (6H) and Priyanka (6S)



First place parent/carer - Shirin, parent of Noura (RD)

Second place parent/carer - Angelika, parent of Mia (1H) and Gabriel (3H)

Third place parent/carer - Oseilla, parent of Sama (1S) and Ayah (RN)

Fourth place parent/carer - Joseph, parent of Maddox (1D)

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