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Decorated Egg Competition 2017

Thank you for all the egg-cellent Decorated Egg competition entries! They were OUTSTANDING! What a talented and creative bunch of children, parents/carers and teachers we have!

I am very grateful to our number one supply teaching agency, ANZUK, who provided a very generous £250 to fund the prizes for the competition.

The judges had the egg-tremely difficult job of deciding on the winners. Prize giving took place, during the assemblies, on Friday 24 March.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs of the competition entries and of the winners, below.


Here are the winners:


Year Six:

First prize - Safa 6D and Sashitha 6H

Second prize - Camille 6H and Milly 6S

Third prize - Akash 6S and Rayyan 6D


Year Five:

First prize - Alayna 5S and Vrushti 5D

Second prize - Dev 5D and Danyal 5H

Third prize - Priyanka 5S and Jasana 5D


Year Four:

First prize - Myera 4H and Sandra 4H

Second prize - Zyera 4S and Deevy 4S

Third prize - Fatima 4N and Ashni 4D

Fourth prize - Klaudia 4D and Hafsa 4N


Year Three:

First prize - Shalina 3N and Jessica 3H

Second prize - Sahen 3S and Inaya 3S

Third prize - Sarim 3D and Grace 3N

Fourth prize - Jay 3H and Amaya 3D


Year Two:

First prize - Natalia 2D and Kaelyn 2D

Second prize - Anuj 2H and Hasan 2S

Third prize - Jakub 2N and Humza 2N

Fourth prize - Sukhveer 2S and Eryk 2H


Year One:

First prize - Mahmud 1H and Dino 1S

Second prize - Alisa 1D and Martyna 1D

Third prize - Thayan 1N and Ria 1H

Fourth prize - Aaminah 1S and Caleb 1N



First prize - Natty RD and Mia RH

Second prize - Sam RH and Aaiza RN

Third prize - Sammy RN and Milena RS

Fourth prize - Sama RS and Zakaria RD



First prize - Mrs Millard

Second prize - Miss Manjdadria

Third prize - Mr Bull



First prize - Mrs Hassan Ali

Second prize - Mrs Malhan-Butland

Third prize - Ms Vallejo

Fourth prize - Mrs Soni



Congratulations to all our winners!


Miss Holden






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