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Ex-pupil news... Roshan

Ex-pupil news... Roshan

One of our wonderful ex-pupils, Roshan, has been in touch to tell me all about one of his achievements at High School. Have a read of his recount below.  

`First, we were told in our school community bulletin that several students and I had to go to an English teachers class. I didn't know that this was at first, a small test to see who was going to get into the team. The team would verse other schools and battle as spelling champions. There were three Y7s and three Y8s who were tested. We had to stand in a line and spell words. If correct, we could step forward, and, if we got it wrong, we had to stand back. I managed to beat every person, getting all the words right and guaranteeing a place in the team of five. There were two Y7's and three Y8's in the team.




Days passed, and on February 10th, the day had come. After school, my team, two teachers and I went to Greenford High School, where the competition would take place. There were seven other schools, including Twyford CofE, our rivals! The first round was a consistency round, where you had to stay in for as long as you can, but, if you were wrong, the judges tell you and you have to go back and sit down with the rest of your team. The competition was introduced, and the rules were as well. (The Y8's already had experience as they were there last year). Last year, our school was first, so there was a lot of pressure. Three people had to go up in the first round, so two Y8's and I, the suffering Y7, walked up as a three with the other schools team of three next to us in a line.




We had to call ourselves A, B and C so we could start in that order, in our team. Our school had to go last, because of alphabetical order. The Y8's, scared, told me to be A, so I had to start. Bravely, I stepped up and spelled all of the words correctly, earning praise from the teachers who came with us. This repeated, until it was down to me and a Y8 from Cardinal Wiseman. They were consistent, and I got ONE word wrong. This ended, and we moved onto the second round.




The second round was a quick fire round, which I despise. But on our team, there were two rounds, and five people. Everyone backed out, so the two people that hadn't gone yet, went up and I had to go twice. The round passed by with a timer ticking behind us and results were pending.




In third place... it was... William Perkin! Our team walked up to claim our medal and certificate, happily.




In second place, it was Villiers. This was because they had an extremely fast speller, who shook his head at every letter. We nicknamed him 'noddy head'. Finally, in first place, consistent Cardinal Wiseman.




They moved onto individual scores, which is an extremely incredible thing to achieve for a Y7, especially among Y8's. They announced 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, and so on. But when they got to 2nd, I heard my name. I was the only Y7 in the top ten, to spell the most correct words. Sadly, there was no silver medal but only a gold for 1st.




It was a great experience, and it has been spectacular to achieve great levels in a new event.'




What a talented young man! Congratulations Roshan! All your friends and teachers at Horsenden are so proud of you!

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