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Alina has finished reading the Quran

On Saturday 21 March, Alina in 6D had a celebration event as she had finished reading the Quran. She had actually finished reading it about two weeks before but it always take a little time to organise the celebration.

Alina started to read the Quran about six years ago, when she was just five years old! 

Alina said, "First of all, it was hard as you have to read each word and the words are small. It began to get easier once you get used to reading different parts of the Quran. There are thirty parts of the Quran."

The celebration

"During the celebration, the teacher taught us about the prophets. We then said a prayer as it was the Afghan New Year and then it was my turn. I had to read a small verse from a part of the Quran and my Arabic teacher read a prayer for people who have finished the Quran. Then we had dinner and all the adults were talking while I talked and played with my friends. It was a great day!"

When everyone left, Alina looked at all of her presents and found that she had been given lots of money.

Alina is now expected to continue to read the Quran correctly and read a few pages every day. All Muslims are expected to do this until they die.

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