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Alastair Edwards (2018-07-23 19:40:04)
Best of luck to Mrs Walton! I joined Miss Holden's class, 4H. I can see Miss Holden is still going strong! Wonder if she remembers me...

Admin replies...
Hello Alastair! I certainly do remember you and I hope that life is treating you well? Best wishes for the future! Miss Holden
Viya Shah (2018-06-08 18:13:07)
Oh my gosh, how time flies! I miss this school more than I miss my sister! All my favourite teachers that taught me (looking at you Miss Manjadadria, Miss Borsig and Miss Hannah) I miss you all so much. But, mostly, I miss all the people that went to learn with me at the school. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but they were the only people we could say we grew up with! I love EVERYBODY who was there for me when I needed them and I miss everybody. I love you all!
Mehreen (2018-05-23 17:56:18)
I love this school especially the Reading Hub! There are so many books!
Heba hejazi (2018-05-01 18:05:30)
I love Year Five! It is the best! One more term and then it is Year Six time. We have SATs and it is going to be so hard!
Mackenzie Ziengler (2018-04-21 20:18:51)
I LOVE this school! :)
Rickesh Jayanthan (2018-04-08 23:46:40)
I used to be at this school. I miss my friends!
From Rickesh
Abdullah Khan-6D 2017 (2018-03-12 20:41:14)
Hey you guys in Year 6!
You are probably afraid of SATs. They will be sooner than you think so do your best and work hard!
Kabir Sangha - 6D 2017 (2018-03-01 16:17:56)
So, I went to this school for around 6 years.That's half of my life! I hope all the teachers are doing good.
In case Year 6 students are wondering what SATs will be like, it's like you're cutting 4 layers of cake!
Wondering what High School will be like?:
- You get a homework for EVERY subject and every day
- If you're going to William Perkin - school starts at 8 am and ends at 4 pm!
- There are 8 sets - they depend on how well you do.
- Detentions are 15 minutes long!
Overall, this school was wonderful! I had some ups and downs in Year 6.
waris 3d (2018-01-28 10:17:18)
I love the school because we get to do so much!
victoria :) (2017-12-12 15:28:41)
I used to go to this school in 2014 and it has changed so much!
Elisha 6S (2017-12-01 21:04:31)
This is the best school EVER!
Meera 6H (2017-11-20 21:19:35)
I still can’t believe we have won the Guinness World Record for the largest disco dance!
Julia 5D (2017-11-05 19:26:28)
I love this school! :D
Julia 5D (2017-11-04 21:45:08)
I love this school! We get to do art, cooking, swimming and much more!
Maya (2017-11-04 08:45:37)
Hey! I love this school! I especially love Mrs Walton!
anonomous (2017-10-19 20:59:00)
Good website!
nithanaa (2017-10-18 17:36:10)
High School is the best but I will never forget Horsenden!
Anonymous (2017-10-12 12:31:21)
Where is cooking for Year 4 2017/2018?

Hello! You can find website articles relating to cooking in Year 4, here:
Viya shah (2017-10-07 16:54:54)
I miss you guys... This school was amazing!
(Miss M please see this, I miss you!)
Jamaul 2017 6S (2017-10-03 16:30:01)
Hi, it's me Jamaul! How's school? Just in case your wondering, high school is hard! I have five pieces of homework to do! See you guys soon ;)
Berna (2017-09-29 19:22:42)
I started at Horsenden Primary school in’s now my first year of High School and I’ve been missing everyone so much!
I just wanted to let people who will start high school soon know that I’ve been in your shoes and I know you will feel. You will feel like you will never make any friends...but you are wrong! Trust me..I now have the best of friends that understand me and I’m so lucky I have them.
Dhurkka (2017-09-16 19:29:09)
I am missing Horsenden so much! It was a big help as the amazing teachers were really supportive and encouraging - it's a massive help for secondary school!
MIKail (2017-08-07 16:18:25)
This is the best school ever!
Nishma 6h (2017-07-17 18:26:57)
I can't believe I have been in this school for 8 years and tomorrow is my last day. This school will be missed very much. Thank you to all the members of staff for making this the best 8 years for my life!
LImayinla 4N (2017-07-11 19:57:55)
This school is the BEST EVER SCHOOL, EVER!
Mrs Porter is the best teacher and Miss Fabijan, who we will miss very dearly, is great!
Mikail (2017-07-10 17:07:07)
This website is epic!
6h (2017-06-08 19:10:22)
This school is so much fun! I don't want this week to end!
Orgest (2017-05-29 18:59:38)
I love school!
Citezen Khan (Omer 6H) (2017-05-02 17:52:25)
Hi! This is the best school in the world!
Mr BEAN AKA JAM (2017-05-01 14:16:48)
Best school in history!
Marhadia lolesss (2017-04-28 06:49:47)
Cool school!
Chloe (2017-04-27 18:10:08)
Sarwa 5H (2017-04-26 15:31:26)
This is the best school in the whole wide world!
Adrian (2017-04-22 19:10:02)
This is the best school ever!
Nishma 6H (2017-04-07 18:46:16)
I love this school! It is so much fun!
John Wilcox (2017-04-05 09:00:36)
I taught at Horsenden Junior school for twelve months from September 1958 to July 1959. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there with a lovely staff and premises that were quite modern at the time. I like the comments from your pupils. They illustrate what seems to be a very happy school. I wish you all the very best.
John Wilcox

It was lovely to receive your message, Mr Wilcox. We agree with your comments; Horsenden is a very happy school with lovely staff and premises!
If you would like to come along for a visit or tour sometime, please contact the school office on 020 8422 5985. We would be more than happy to show you around.
Kind regards
Miss Holden (Deputy Headteacher)
Candy King (2017-03-31 07:24:33)
I can't wait to see the Year 6 show. I am the Candy King in it!
heba (2017-02-08 08:15:01)
I love Year 4! It is the best year ever! My teacher is Miss Hannah. She is the best teacher ever!
Alayna (2017-01-10 20:03:27)
My teacher Miss Ahmed is amazing and very kind! Very well done Miss Ahmed for being such a good teacher!
Viya 6D (2016-10-21 12:01:40)
This is an amazing website! The Reading Cloud is so much fun! You can write book reviews and even reserve books at the library. I also love myUSO!
Somya 6h (2016-10-14 19:28:42)
Our new teacher, Mr Bull, is amazing!
Somya (2016-10-14 19:26:29)
I love this school website!
Bob Jenkisd (2016-10-06 18:23:40)
Our new teacher, Mr Bull, is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Mike posner (2016-10-06 06:34:52)
This website is awesome!
uiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuanand jassal (2016-09-29 13:27:44)
I miss this school because I am at High School now.
DDDhurkka (2016-09-26 16:17:56)
The new Reading Cloud is so amazing!
Somya (2016-09-24 17:22:08)
I love this website!
Regain (2016-09-23 04:54:21)
I am now in 6S and it is marvellous!
Sidra (2016-06-09 17:39:41)
This is one of the best primary schools I have been to! Fantastic school ethos that is well practiced, friendly staff and teachers. Such a welcoming environment - you can really tell the school works hard to reflect their strong ethos. Amazing website too...user friendly.
HAWA 6D (2016-05-25 07:14:17)
This is the best school EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashni 3D (2016-05-21 16:26:27)
I love this school a lot especially my class and my teacher, Miss Reeves. We make lovely classroom displays on the walls and we are working on a gas mask from World War II.
I love this website a lot!
Jamaul (2016-05-18 18:10:54)
This website is awesome!
6s (2016-05-13 19:14:27)
We all enjoyed the Cinema Experience! It was great fun and that popcorn was just popping! VERY TASTY!
Samira 4H (2016-05-13 18:47:38)
I love this website!
Mohamed (2016-05-03 20:30:48)
I would like to thank you all for your passion, dedication and above all being exuberance teachers at Horsenden Primary School,
Its my privilege to have 4 kids present and past with you... Thank you all.
what a wonderful school.....
Paul McCartney (2016-04-30 14:16:44)
Hi guys! I heard that this school rocks! :)
Laiba 6S (2016-04-25 18:51:15)
Horsenden is a great school! It's so much fun!
Sarwa 4H (2016-04-24 19:36:21)
I love Horsenden and the website!
Zoha (2016-04-22 19:53:33)
Love this school!
Taylor Swift (2016-04-22 19:48:40)
Hi, I love this school!
Samira 4H (2016-04-22 19:44:19)
I love the school and I love the website!
dylan (2016-04-21 13:48:15)
I used to go to this school!
JAHSHAAN (2016-04-20 11:23:59)
silly (2016-04-17 11:44:41)
I love school even though you can't be silly!
harry (2016-04-04 15:38:07)
I am having a great holiday but I miss school a lot.
Bob Jenkisd (2016-03-30 11:43:34)
Horsenden is the best school in the universe and the decorated eggs are amazing!
MUHIBULLAH (2016-03-23 19:51:25)
Chithi (2016-03-22 20:42:33)
I think this is the best website I have seen! I wish I was lucky enough to be on this website and to be part of this amazingly good school! I just want to say good luck to all the children at this school and I hope you all have a good time!
Citzen Khan (2016-03-21 16:01:49)
I love the decorated eggs!
#so cool!
eggs (2016-03-20 11:25:22)
I love the Decorated Easter eggs!
It is a shame I won't be in this school next year but I know that all the children at Horsenden will be enjoying themselves.
REVATHI! (2016-03-19 13:09:16)
This school is rock and roll!
Horsenden ROCKS!!!!! (2016-03-14 17:56:41)
Hey Horsenden! I love the website! What do you think? Well, if you haven't tried it yet - have a look and have fun!
Brinda 3D (2016-03-11 16:45:03)
I love my class and school. I also love my teacher, Miss Reeves.
My whole class make beautiful displays to put on our walls.
This is the best website ever!
LARA 6S (2016-03-10 18:45:51)
I am so lucky to be in this school. Three cheers for HORSENDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL!
LUAY (2016-03-09 18:44:18)
Hi! I miss this school so much!
Mr Bean (2016-03-08 20:15:42)
Mr Bean (2016-03-08 18:40:25)
I love this school!
Want to hear a riddle? Well, listen, what room has no windows?
A mushroom!
Isn't that a clever one? I have always wanted to share that one!
Tom cat (2016-03-08 18:34:56)
I would rather spend my time coming to this best school in the world rather than wasting my time chasing Jerry.
Lara 6s (2016-03-08 18:31:41)
wiktoria 6N (2016-03-06 17:45:24)

Hi Horsenden! I will be so upset at the end of the year when I leave to go to High School.
julia 3d (2016-03-05 16:11:33)
This website is so cool!
Sophia (2016-03-04 21:10:31)
This website is so wonderful. I'm speechless!
Shrey (2016-03-04 15:41:20)
This is the best website ever! I can't sleep until I've had a look at it!
Sara 5s (2016-03-03 18:07:44)
This is the best website ever!
Lívia (2016-02-27 21:39:32)
Best school ever!
LOLA (2016-02-26 17:30:15)
I wish me and Charlie could come to this school. This is the best website I have seen!
LARA 6S (2016-02-25 14:17:33)
mr bean (2016-02-25 14:02:10)
I wish I was a child so I could come to this school!
Matilda (2016-02-21 11:44:12)
I wish my parents would let me come to this school! I can tell it is a very good school by the website!
Samira (2016-02-16 21:28:33)
I love this website! I also like the new myUSO.
This school (2016-02-16 08:21:08)
This school website is amazing and handy.
leo (2016-02-12 03:14:30)
I love reading all about the achievements outside of school. This is the best website ever!
Jennifer (2016-02-05 16:50:59)
WOW! The website is so awesome! I love the myUSO option where you can play fun games while learning! Keep it up!
shrek (2016-01-30 14:00:26)
Best website ever!
Flear East (2016-01-28 05:07:55)
Woah! I love this website. I wish I came to this school when I was young.
Sashitha 5h (2016-01-26 13:11:41)
Best website ever!
nishma (2016-01-26 12:17:07)
I love this website!
Annie Runnalls (2016-01-25 02:57:21)
Good morning! My daughter is having her very first teaching day in the UK at your school today! How exciting!
Her name is Miss.Runnalls. I can't wait to hear about her day. Your school looks like a happy place to be!
Have a good week!
Annie Runnalls

Admin replies:
How wonderful to hear from you Annie! It is our pleasure to welcome Miss Runnalls to Horsenden Primary School, today. I'm sure she will have a fantastic day at our school.
Adele (2016-01-23 09:08:07)
Hello, it's me. This a cool website!
Aminah 4h (2016-01-22 11:43:36)
Sophia 3S (2016-01-21 12:23:34)
This school is the most amazing place to learn!
Berna@school 6N (2016-01-18 15:32:57)
Hi everyone that is not in Year Six.
This is my last year here then it's off to high school for me and everyone in Year Six. I will miss you all and I also will miss my teachers. GOODBYE HORSENDEN!
Tiara RH (2016-01-18 15:29:10)
I love this school already and I am only in Reception! I have fun everyday and I love playing with my friends as well.
(2016-01-18 15:23:53)
Revathi 5S (2016-01-12 13:55:36)
This website is fabulous! You can go on myUSO - how brilliant is that?
mr.chicken nugget (2016-01-12 12:03:54)
Ohh! This website is so wonderful! MyUSO is fantastic!
Abisha (2016-01-11 16:19:50)
What a wonderful and tremendous website this is! Try to go on it!
Mia (2016-01-10 08:41:48)
Wow! I love this website!
spongebob squarepants (2016-01-10 07:51:49)
This website is fun to go on, better than playing with Patrick! PS do not tell him that!
bob the builder (2016-01-09 12:34:41)
This website is awesome!
Kiruthiga 3n (2016-01-09 05:52:42)
I love my teacher - Miss Papacosta!
Sashitha 5h (2016-01-08 18:58:41)
This is the best website in the world!
Thea 5S (2016-01-07 12:23:46)
I love the website! I can play games and learn French.
Heba 3D (2015-12-18 13:52:36)
I love 3D!
Sarah 5D (2015-12-18 13:47:50)
I love this website!
jls (2015-12-06 09:21:35)
This school is so cool and I have heard there is a X Factor competition. Good luck to you all!
Rhea 6S (2015-12-04 18:30:19)
Wow! This website is super amazing! I also really love the Year 6 teachers...they're so polite and lovely to all the students!
Sarwa (2015-11-30 14:26:08)
I love this website. It's so AMAZING!
samira 4H (2015-11-26 13:59:06)
I LOVE this website and also the school!
Peter (2015-11-22 15:25:36)
I really miss Horsenden.
Mr bean (2015-11-22 15:20:13)
This website is so cool!
Meera (2015-11-20 09:28:52)
I love my new teacher Miss Hannah! She is so artistic!
Maarya 5D (2015-11-15 04:22:07)
I love this school so much. I love the new playground behind the new school building!
One Direction (2015-11-05 14:31:17)
Hi Horsenden! Shout out to the new 6D! Good luck to everybody! Horsenden is amazing!
Tomasz 6D (2015-11-04 14:47:45)
I like the new website! I have enjoyed all the Year Groups!
abeera (2015-11-03 15:21:52)
Hi, how is Horsenden? I miss the amazing teachers and pupils. I hope you are all well? Hope to see you soon.
Sophia 3S (2015-11-02 12:45:45)
This school is exquisite. It really helps me a lot. I love going to Place2talk to explore my feelings.
Sajeev (from the old 6H) (2015-10-21 14:12:19)
Year 7 at my new school (Habs) is going really well!
Guess what? I get two weeks of half term holiday!
Horsenden was an amazing primary school and helped me for the first part of my life.
Mrs Fallon (2015-10-20 02:27:22)
Just a quick note to let you all know that I am thinking of you all and I am missing Horsenden lots!
I hope you are all working hard and having fun? What have I missed? How is everyone getting on in Y7?
It is great to see that some of you are having a good start!
You are so lucky to be at HPS!
Miss you
Mrs Fallon x
Sophia 3S (2015-10-17 15:37:10)
Horsenden is the best school and l love going there every day!
Warsan (2015-10-14 03:59:35)
Horsenden Primary School is a great place for us to work!
Heba 3D (2015-10-13 13:41:09)
I love 3D! It is so much fun. My teacher is so kind. My teacher is called Miss Reeves!
Hannan 5d (2015-10-11 11:49:30)
I love the new playground. I also love playing basketball there every Wednesday and Thursday.
Rhea 6S (2015-10-09 16:18:35)
Hi Maddison! It's going really well! This is the best school ever! I hope you are having a great time at William Perkins! :)
Maddison (2015-10-02 12:30:09)
Hi! How's Horsenden? I miss the school and the staff so much! I hope everyone is well? I wish all Horsenden pupils and staff all the best! I hope to see you soon!
Jaikishan (2015-09-24 13:05:30)
I am having a nice time at William Perkin and it was easier because of Horsenden. Thank you!
Sarwa (2015-09-23 13:53:04)
I like this website SO much!
Libby 5S (2015-09-17 13:16:48)
I love this school. It's the best school!
sara (2015-09-09 11:47:02)
Year 5 is great!
Anand 5H (2015-09-01 05:15:32)
I missed the summer fair but it sounds amazing!
Sarwa (2015-08-13 07:09:49)
Horsenden Primary School has the best website!
Harsh 5D (2015-08-12 16:57:54)
I can't wait until I'm in Year 6! I think it will be really awesome!
Nikul 5H (2015-07-27 11:59:14)
Awesome website! The information is interesting.This is the best school EVER!
jamelia (2015-07-19 12:56:18)
I can't belive I am leaving Horsenden Primary School. This is the best school I have ever been to. Good luck for the future... while I am starting high school!
Kabir 4D (2015-07-15 11:05:14)
I can't wait to go in to Year 5! In the holidays I will miss all my cool and fun learning in this very nice school!
Rayane 5H (2015-07-11 13:49:42)
This is an awesome website! I love all the information. It is the best school ever!
Ayla (2015-07-09 15:43:19)
I am going to miss all of the teachers and Mrs Walton so, so much! It is the best school in the whole world!
Meera (2015-07-08 15:21:19)
I love this school website and think the new KS1 building is SO COOL! I am looking forward to the Summer Fair.
Iqra 1h (2015-07-08 14:57:36)
I love this school!
Ayla (2015-07-07 16:39:20)
I LOVE HORSENDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL! It is the best and I will miss this school!
Yusuf (2015-07-06 14:50:40)
When is the last day of term?
Hello Yusuf! The last day of term for Reception to Year Six pupils is Wednesday 15 July.
Sophia (2015-06-28 12:53:27)
I wish everyone could move into the new building because it is AWESOME! I have been in it once or twice and it is amazing!
Gabriela 4s (2015-06-22 03:01:22)
It is a very useful website!
Berna 5N (2015-06-20 04:49:37)
I am enjoying everything about this school so much I thought I'd write another comment!
I LOVE THIS SCHOOL and everything the school does for us! I love being in this school I never want to leave!
Ariana grande (2015-06-16 13:21:30)
Hi Horsenden! I love your website! This is a really great school!
JAMAUL 4S (2015-06-01 13:21:05)
This is the best website in the world! Also, myUSO IS VERY useful!
your worst nightmare (2015-05-28 14:51:42)
We have hatching chicks in our school! Plus, our website is awesome!
Sophia 2S (2015-05-28 14:20:42)
This website is better than the old one and I love easyUSO!
Sophia (2015-05-26 13:21:59)
The easyUSO is cool and awesome!
Subina (2015-05-23 13:21:20)
I really, really love the new website! I like looking at the pictures and myUSO is really helpful too!
Omer (2015-05-22 13:21:55)
MUHIBULLAH (2015-05-19 13:21:05)
Marta (2015-05-17 13:21:56)
I miss Horsenden so much! I think that the Year 6 school journey looked so much fun!
krystian 5H (2015-05-16 13:21:50)
I love this school!
Arthiya (2015-05-15 13:21:25)
I really like this website - it is awesome!
ketna (2015-05-13 13:21:35)
I love the new school website! It helps me a lot. MyUSO is the best!
Alysa 5H (2015-05-11 13:21:05)
This is the best website ever!
ismahan 5H (2015-05-09 13:21:25)
This website is really interesting. I love it! I love the pictures of all the pupils from different year groups!
Mrs Walton is the best head teacher!
Thank you!
Anand Jassal 5H (2015-05-08 13:21:30)
This website is epic! I love myUSO. This school is out of this world! I like keeping up with the attendence leagues!
Marta (2015-05-07 13:21:50)
I miss Horsenden, my friends and my lovely teachers! Thank you!
jamelia (2015-05-05 13:21:45)
I love this website! It is so awesome - great job Miss Holden! :)
KETNA (2015-05-05 13:21:20)
I love the school website! It's the best!
Maria 3d (2015-05-04 13:21:10)
I like MyUSO and the Cinema Experience a lot! THANK YOU MISS HOLDEN - I ENJOYED THE MOVIE! :0)
Meerali5n (2015-05-03 13:21:20)
The Horsenden website is great fun and all the fun events in school are amazing! This is such an amazing school!
mona (2015-05-03 13:21:20)
I like this website so much!
Heba 2D (2015-05-02 13:21:55)
I really love easyUSO! It is very useful for tests, for SATS revision for Years 2 and 6 and for time tables.
The school swimming pool is very cool! It's great to be able to learn to swim in school.
The website is the best because if you want to learn something new you can come on to this website and learn many new things! The website has lots of pictures. I especially like the KS2 ones. It is so much better than the old website.
I love the PE lessons in school. I also love the teachers. They are nice and kind! The teachers really help me with my learning. They work very hard for us. The dinner ladies figure out problems very calmly too.
Ghada 6S (2015-05-02 13:21:50)
I love the new website! It is very useful for updates about what is happening in school. I like the photographs of the children in different Year Groups. Thank you also for the MyUSO!
Nishma (2015-05-01 13:21:53)
I love this website so much! It is so cool!
Max (2015-05-01 03:16:47)
MyUSO is very useful!
sara (2015-05-01 02:26:01)
This is the best website ever - it is so much fun!
Laiba 5S (2015-04-30 11:27:08)
I love the new website! It's so much better than the old one!
Jessy2s (2015-04-28 14:51:42)
I like the Year 3 playground but I wish Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 had fruit time. I also like the afternoon playtime and the website! Swimming is cool. I like the cool stuff and art lessons.
Timon (2015-04-28 14:51:42)
This school is cool!
krystian 5H (2015-04-28 14:51:42)
I love this school so much!
Livia (2015-04-28 14:51:42)
This website is really good fun and interesting!
Paula and Victoria 4D (2015-04-28 14:51:42)
This website helps us with our homework!
Ayla (2015-04-28 14:28:42)
The website has a lot of useful information and myUSO is great to use at home!
Jathun (2015-04-24 03:32:42)
I love the Horsenden website guestbook. It's great to see all the comments. MyUSO is great fun too!
Jathun (2015-04-23 13:20:44)
MyUSO is very useful!
ketna (2015-04-21 16:28:43)
Berna 5n (2015-04-18 14:00:47)
I love the school website! The school itself is filling my brain up!
I love the pool - thanks Mr Carns for teaching us how to swim. Also, thank you for the cinema experience, the bike award and all the other crazy and fun events!
Darth vader (2015-04-18 08:22:43)
MyUSO is very useful!
Darth vader (2015-04-16 14:45:55)
This school rules!
Lisa Day (2015-04-15 10:34:37)
Wow! I love your new website, Horsenden! It is so lovely to see so many happy faces again and hear what you are all getting up to - keep on being amazing everybody!

Love, Mrs Day x
Hawa 5D (2015-04-12 16:00:00)
I really enjoyed 'Horsenden's Got Talent'! I think it was the best one yet!
sara (2015-04-12 08:19:47)
I love the new website! It's great fun and there are even games to play. I love looking at the photographs too!
Sarah 4D (2015-04-07 14:51:45)
I love MyUSO because it teaches me things that I don't know.
laiba (2015-04-04 05:56:00)
I love the new website! The MyUSO is really good fun!
Angelina (2015-04-01 13:21:30)
I came to view the new building today during the Coffee Morning and I am so pleased that my child has his class there. I am looking forward to my second child, currently in Reception, moving to the new building this September.

First of all, a very big thank you to Mrs Pearson who oversaw the project. Your hard work has truly paid off! Thank you to all the teachers who showed us around today.

What I like about the building is the technology in the classrooms, the child-friendly toilets, the memorial area, the large playground with football and tennis facilities. Not to forget the library area. There are so many things that I like that I cannot name them all!

My children already attend swimming lesson at the school and I plan for them to have music lessons in Year 2. This school works hard to cater for the development of children in every area. I am so thrilled that my children attend Horsenden Primary School.

Nishma (2015-03-31 13:47:30)
I love the website! It's so cool!
Momena (2015-03-30 10:49:25)
I love the new website! It's much brighter and more colourful than before. I love playing MyUSO. I also enjoy looking at the year groups sections and at all the photographs.
Naffie (2015-03-30 08:04:13)
The new website is awesome!
Anna (2015-03-29 15:08:22)
This website is cooler than I thought.
Darth vader (2015-03-29 15:06:12)
It is true, Admin... Horsenden Primary School is actually out of this world!
Darth vader (2015-03-29 10:14:06)
I love the new website even though I live in space.

Admin replies...
Thanks Darth Vader! Your comment just proves that Horsenden Primary really is out of this world!
Hooria (2015-03-28 10:22:07)
The new website is amazing because you can keep track of what's going on in school. You can also do useful things on the MyUSO in your spare time at home. You can also leave comments on the guest book! With this Horsenden website, you can do anything!
Sophia (2015-03-28 09:57:49)
The Horsenden Primary School website is very vivid and I love it!
Jathun (2015-03-27 14:52:03)
This website is outstanding and very useful.
Farola (2015-03-26 16:33:52)
I really like the new website because now other people can see what we are doing. Also, the games really help and are really good fun!
Ketna (2015-03-26 15:27:44)
I love the new website. It is very useful!
Carmen (2015-03-26 12:17:00)
I love this website - it's the best!
Aarusha (2015-03-25 13:23:20)
This website is awesome!
Jeran (2015-03-24 13:27:49)
This website will be useful for everyone... whether they are part of the school or not. I really enjoy MyUSO, especially Mathspace because you can compete against members of your class. The school website is also great because there are so many different links in just the home page!
ketna (2015-03-24 12:55:51)
I love the new website! It is helping everyone! It tells us everything about what people are doing inside and outside of school.
muhammad syed 5N (2015-03-23 14:37:57)
This is a really fun website! You can get holiday work and you get a USO account. I have MADE so many animations at home.
Thanushan (2015-03-22 15:18:19)
I love the Horsenden website guestbook. It's great to see all the comments. MyUSO is great fun too!
karimah (2015-03-22 08:45:38)
I love the new website. It is the best!
Thanushan (2015-03-21 13:37:41)
This website is!
Peter (2015-03-21 11:18:43)
This website helps me learn more than any other website.
Paula (2015-03-21 10:09:01)
I love MY USO because it teaches me things that I don't know.
Dominic (2015-03-21 07:37:24)
This website is epic!
Sabrina Parsi 5N (2015-03-20 18:12:47)
This is the best website I've ever seen. I like the pictures and games. ☺
Maddison (2015-03-20 18:12:30)
I love the new website! The website is easy to use and it's good to see what other year groups are doing around the school!
jamaul (2015-03-20 17:01:15)
Cool website!
Hooria (2015-03-20 15:38:37)
This is the best website I have ever seen. It's so amazing! It is also a lot more helpful than the old Horsenden website.
Kabir (2015-03-14 06:27:36)
This website has lots and lots of info for me. I like all the pics!
Aava (2015-03-13 04:10:36)
Loving the new website! I like looking at the photos!
Timon (2015-03-12 14:28:35)
This is the best website I have ever seen! It's just so amazing!
Libby (2015-03-12 10:54:01)
I love the new website - it's really fun!
Laiba khan (2015-03-11 19:58:04)
I love the new website!! It's very handy. Also, the "my USO" is the best!
Nikasa (2015-03-10 15:03:26)
This website is very useful and it's so much better than the old one!
Maisara (2015-03-10 12:19:41)
Love this website!
Maisara (2015-03-09 15:52:50)
This web site is really amazing - way better than the old one!
Jaikishan (2015-03-09 15:07:06)
This website is just really good!
ketna (2015-03-08 05:37:02)
HaròóÑ (2015-03-07 05:23:03)
Ella (2015-03-06 16:09:42)
Timon (2015-03-05 14:13:00)
I love this website! It is the best website I have ever used. It's great fun to go exploring through it!
Thanushan (2015-03-05 11:25:43)
Laiba (2015-03-04 13:10:32)
THIS IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER! I love the new website!
Akash (2015-03-03 14:08:20)
THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING! I love it so much especially the "MY USO".
Thank you to all the teachers involved in setting up the new website!
Jai (2015-03-02 15:06:29)
I love the website!
Jaikishan (2015-03-02 14:54:02)
This website is better than the old one!
Laiba (2015-03-02 13:59:44)
I love the new website and the "my uso" is the BEST!
Jaikishan (2015-03-01 17:07:18)
I like this website because it has useful links!
Emily (2015-02-28 16:01:15)
I love the website! It's easy to use and myuso is great. Thanks for doing the website up!
Roshani (2015-02-27 18:19:48)
Love this website! It's so much better than the old one!
Hannan 4D (2015-02-27 15:31:36)
I love this website and I go on it a lot. The headteacher, Mrs Walton, is really friendly and I like her. This school has taught me a lot of knowledge. The school has made my mind CRAZY with knowledge! Plus the school dinners are delicious. BEST SCHOOL EVER!
JAMELIA (2015-02-27 15:02:18)
Abilaja (2015-02-27 10:03:24)
I really like this website. It is so amazing - we can always access it. It is the best!
Thank you very much!
Bahara (2015-02-27 10:03:24)
I love this new website - it is the best ever!!
Sajeev (2015-02-25 07:02:45)
I really like the new website; it's much, much better than the old website! The new website is FULL of information. I really like it now and the "my uso" is very useful.

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