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Elizabeth Walton (Headteacher)

Elizabeth Walton (Headteacher)










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Full Governing Body


Why did you decide to become a Governor at Horsenden Primary School?


I think it is important for a Headteacher to be a Governor at a school which is why I was always keen to be on the Governing Body, as a voting member. It helps to know how others, not necessarily as close to the 'chalk face' as those I usually work alongside, view what is going on in the school and what is important to those on the Governing Body. It also helps to be able to communicate what are the key things that Governors need to know so that, collectively we work on key areas that need changing and do not spend time on areas which are not in need of attention. Time is in short supply and time needs to be spent on issues which will make a difference to the safety, wellbeing, achievement and progress of the children in the school. Working together with the members of Horsenden's Governing Body has been a pleasure and a privilege and those on the Governing Body all take their roles and responsibilities seriously and ensure that, collectively, we deliver the best that we can for all who work at the school.


What do you think that Governors can bring to Horsenden Primary School?


Governors ensure that the school is working as it should and challenge (as well as support) the work of the Headteacher. They ensure that the school is safe, that it is a place which is responsive to change, that the budget is managed effectively and is being spent in the best interests of the children. They offer help at times of difficulty and work as a cohesive, but challenging whole. They bring with them a wealth of different skills and they are all there because they want to make a difference...and make a difference for the overall good of all those in the school.


What are your interests in Education?


As I am the Headteacher, I have a real interest in education and in how children learn and how we can all improve the ways in which children learn.


Brief history of your career, life and background


I have many years' experience as a class teacher in a variety of different schools before becoming a Headteacher. I have been the Headteacher of Horsenden Primary School since nearly 20 years now! Other jobs held have been secretarial ones, a nannying one (of about a year and a half In Turkey) and I have also worked as an Import/Export Clerk at Trico...when it was on the Great West Road. As with nearly every one of my age I have also worked in restaurants, fruit picking farms, bars, shops etc! I love being a Headteacher and I love working at Horsenden!

  • Horsenden Primary School
  • Horsenden Lane North
  • Greenford
  • Middlesex
  • UB6 0PB
  • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 020 8422 5985
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