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Maths - Child Friendly Target Sheets

Maths -  Child Friendly Target Sheets

All of our children, from Year 1 to Year 6, have now been provided with Maths Target Sheets that teachers will be using to track progress across the year. These targets come directly from the National Curriculum, for Maths, and cover all of the areas that your child will be working on, this academic year.

These sheets can be accessed at home so that you are able to begin helping your child on their targets. Any targets that are in bold italics are key to the progress in that particular year group (Key Performance Indicators), and should be focussed on first.

At first, you may find it useful to revisit targets from the preceding year, to ensure that your child is secure with them, before moving on.

If you have any questions about these targets, or are unsure as to what a target means, please speak to your child's teacher who will be happy to help.

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