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Keyboard Tuition

Keyboard Tuition

Keyboard lessons are designed to give children a solid grounding with piano skills and techniques, the theory and practice of music as well as general musicianship and performance.


Piano abilities are taught even though keyboards are used. Keyboards are a more convenient and far less expensive option than purchasing a piano. It is highly recommended that each child has their own keyboard at home. Music is provided up to grade one standard.


A child without any previous musical experience will be introduced to rhythm first and then lean how to read and clap music notation whilst developing basic piano technique coordination with both hands. A more advanced child will work towards an exam suitable to their level.


Lessons are taught in groups of no more than four and are held during the school day during break times and early afternoon. Lessons are available to children in Years 2-6.


Although it is possible for children to practise rhythm and musical theory at home without a keyboard, it is highly recommended that there is a keyboard available for the child to practise on at home.


A suitable keyboard would have at least 48 full sized keys. For more advanced children, a touch sensitive keyboard would be appropriate. This would allow the volume of each note to be controlled by the amount of pressure the child applies to each of the keys, as you would have with a piano. Moreover, it is also a good idea to have at least 60 keys.


It is not necessary for the keyboard to have lots of buttons, instrument sounds, drum beats or other distracting extras.


An electric keyboard can be acquired from most music shops (please refer to the yellow pages for music shops in your area), high street shops such as Argos and Internet shops such as


Keyboard lessons in school are taught on Yamaha PSR-170 keyboards.


For more information, please see Mrs Metcalf in the school office.


Mr Amos

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