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Space Exploration

Space Exploration


Are you interested in finding out more information about our Solar System?

A collection of new books have just arrived on the subject!

Listed below are a few of the new titles:



Why Space Matters To Me


By Colin Stuart

Space is closer than you think and you’ll be surprised how much it affects your life…



Sally Ride and the Shuttle Missions


By Andrew Langley

A book about the first American female astronaut in space.



The International Space Station


By Clive Gifford

Find out what it is like to live on board the space shuttle!



Exploring Eclipses


By Jill Sherman

This book includes the history of eclipse discoveries and how technology helps scientists study eclipses today.



Show Me Space


By Steve Kortenkamp

This book includes more than one hundred facts about our solar system.



Journey into Space


By Michael Bright

Discover the Solar System and beyond.


I know that you will have fun reading these books!



Click on the link below to view a song about the Solar System -





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