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Books to help children understand loss

Books to help children understand loss

Losing someone we love is difficult for adults to come to terms with and so it is not surprising that children can find a loss in their lives confusing, with many unanswered questions. 


Reading a book on the subject can help, just knowing that others are feeling the same way, is a comfort.


We have several books in our library and they could help to make sense of the feelings we experience in times of bereavement.



Michael Rosen - Michael Rosen’s Sad Book


“Sometimes sad is very big. It’s everywhere. All over me.” Michael Rosen

This is Michael Rosen's story, after the death of his son.



Susan Varley - Badger’s Parting Gift

When old Badger dies, his friends think they will be sad forever, but gradually they are able to remember Badger with joy.



Nigel Gray - Little Bear’s Grandad

This story tackles the subject of death in the family.



Pat Thomas - I Miss You

A picture book for young children which helps them come to terms with their feelings.


Laura Krasny Brown and Marc Brown - When Dinosaurs Die 

A guide for young children to help them understand death.



Sarah Helton -  Remembering Lucy

Supports children, with special educational needs, deal with the feelings caused by death and loss.

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