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World Book Day 2018

Thursday March 1st is World Book Day 2018!  Hurray!


I am looking forward to seeing you dressed up as your favourite book character or in your pyjamas ready for bedtime reading…


Remember to take your World Book Day book token to your local bookshop and exchange it for one of the £1 books.

The £1 books include:

The Bolds Great Adventure by Julian Clary

The Baby Brother from Outer Space! by Pamela Butchart

Brain Freeze by Tom Fletcher

And more…



If you want to find out about the books on offer this year, and much more information about other books you may want to read next, click on the attachment below.


Look at several recommended books including:

Funny Books

Gripping Reads

Fantastical Worlds

Animal Magic





The World Book Day website is


Let's celebrate reading, together!

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