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Reading Cloud Worksheets

Reading Cloud Worksheets


Microlibrarian have produced A - Z worksheets available to help you make the most of the Reading Cloud library system.




There are three worksheets.




They can be printed and then using a traffic light system:




RED - Need Some Help




AMBER - Nearly Done




Green - Done




You will be able to access your own progress with the features of Reading Cloud.




For example, A is for Avatar.


Almost all of you have already created your own avatar in the My Profile section, therefore, you can colour your traffic light in green for done.




E is for eBooks.


You can view eBooks in our school library using the search bar.


However, you may not have tried this yet, so you would colour the traffic light in red because you may need some help.




Remember that on our Horsenden website, in the library section, there is a short video which is a quick start guide to downloading eBooks.


If you manage to do this with success, you would progress to green for done. 





Also, if you have completed E, then you can go green for S as well.




S is for search your school library for books and other resources! 





Good luck with your journey from A - Z.





Please let me know if you manage to turn all your traffic lights green!






Click on the attachment below to access the worksheets.











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