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Anti-Bullying Week - Book List


This week is anti-bullying week.


Listed below are a few books which touch upon the subject of bullying and help us to understand and celebrate how we are all different and should feel valued for who we are.



Malorie Blackman - Cloud Busting


Told in verse this is a moving story of friendship, bullying and a different way of looking at the world.


Betsy Byars  - The Eighteenth Emergency


This Story is about a boy called Mouse, who lives in New York. He's been cheeky to Marv Hammerman, the school bully, and he spends the whole story trying to avoid being picked on.


Jenny Alexander - Finding Fizz


Carly hasn't been herself lately, she is being teased and excluded by the girls who were once her best friends! Then Carly finds a stray dog that needs a home and suddenly her so-called friends don't matter so much anymore.


Jane Elson - How to fly With Broken Wings


Touching on themes such as friendship and bullying, this is a charming tale about overcoming obstacles and finding friendship in unlikely places.


Tom Avery - My Brother’s Shadow


Kaia is grieving after the death of her brother. A friendship develops with a mysterious boy, someone whom Kaia can talk to when she feels isolated and alone. (Mature subject matter and so restricted to Years Five and Six)


Alison Knowles - Ollie and His Super Powers


Seven year old Ollie is bullied at school. When his trainers are stolen, he confides in Mr Wilcox, a friendly old man at the old people's home. Mr Wilcox tells Ollie a secret. His feelings - sadness, fear and loneliness - are super powers! But Ollie also has other powers hidden inside him like confidence, bravery and happiness. He must harness these powers to defeat the bullies and help others in need.   


R.J. Palacio - Wonder


Auggie wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. Born with a terrible facial abnormality,  can he convince his new classmates that he's just like them, underneath it all?


Michael Morpurgo - Who’s A Big Bully Then?


Olly is a bull. A very big bull. Darren Bishop is a bully. A very nasty bully. What will happen when one of Darren's victims dares him to take on Olly?





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