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Library Policy


  • To support the content of the curriculum to enable children to acquire knowledge.
  • To provide a stimulating learning environment.
  • To promote research and investigation strategies so that pupils can become confident in evaluating and using information.
  • To encourage reading by providing a range of materials to suit all ages and abilities and develop a love of books and reading.
  • To maintain links with external agencies and develop connections with local libraries.
  • The library should continually evolve to respond to the learning and teaching needs of the whole school.
  • The library should be an expression of the ethos and values of the school community and should be an expression of the ethos and values of the school.
  • To ensure a high standard of display and promotional material to provide an attractive environment, which encourages study, browsing and reading.



  • Each child who is a new admission is given a letter explaining library borrowing
    procedures and receives an induction to the library and the facilities on offer.
  • Each class (Years 1-6) are timetabled for Library each week.
  • Library stock is catalogued using 'Junior Librarian' computer system.
  • Non-Fiction is classified using a simplified Dewey system.
  • Children borrow books using their personal identification number.
  • Books are issued on a two week loan, to be read in school or at home.
  • Reminders are sent to the borrower if a book is overdue.
  • If a book is lost or damaged the parent/carers are sent a letter asking for replacement costs.



  • Library stock includes Fiction and Non-Fiction - suitable for different ages and reading levels.
  • Dual language books - Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Gujarati, Japanese, Punjabi, Polish, Somali, Tamil, Turkish, and Urdu.
  • Young Readers to promote independent reading and Picture books to encourage early learning.
  • Audiocassettes can also be borrowed.
  • Reference books for quiet study time in the library.
  • TBK - children's book magazine to read in the library.
  • The School Librarian is responsible for the organisation and maintenance of the library resources and should be a source of help and advice.



  • The library stock should aim to represent a balance between supporting the curriculum and meeting the individual needs and interests of pupils .



  • All routes are clear and uncluttered.
  • Fire extinguishers of the right type.
  • Shelving is not overloaded or top heavy.
  • Shelving is the correct height.
  • There are no trailing wires.
  • Horsenden Primary School
  • Horsenden Lane North
  • Greenford
  • Middlesex
  • UB6 0PB
  • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 020 8422 5985
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